Summer Planning for Co-Parents

Summer Planning for Co-ParentsIn Riverside County it might seem like summer year-round, but the actual season of summer is quickly approaching. So in Corona it will go from 85 degrees to 95 degrees! But still, it’s the season when families vacation, kids are out of school, and people take time off work. And as any co-parents will tell you, communication is key!

Start the conversation with your ex now. Who’s taking what time off? Are the kids going on vacations? Do you have things planned the other should know about? Co-parenting makes planning harder, but it’s ten times easier to do in April than in July.

Communicate with your kids as well. Young children don’t have much control over their own schedules, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know what’s coming. Teens can be especially annoyed if they’re pulled in many different directions over the summer without forewarning. They might have their own plans or ideas you’ll want to take into consideration.

Communication doesn’t end there. Consider asking the school for dates (summer school?), ask the grandparents about their schedules in case they’ll be baby-sitting. If you have a current girlfriend, boyfriend, or new spouse, check-in with them. It’s certainly a lot more work than when two parents live under one roof, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Start early and over-communicate your wishes and needs, as your ex should, and you’ll be all set by June.


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