The Aspects of Parallel Parenting

You will hear and see the term parallel parenting in California divorce cases where there are minor children more often today than joint or shared custody. This terminology is thought to help the thought process of both parents so they will work better together when it comes to the children.

It often enhances co-parenting skills in no-conflict instances and can help with better communication between high-conflict cases.

Parallel parenting isn’t only about parents who cannot get along. It addresses issues where borderline personality disorders or narcissism is present. These cases make co-parenting at very least a challenge and at worst, impossible.

What is Parallel Parenting?

Parallel parenting is distinguished by the fact that each parent has control over their own responsibilities as a parent. It negates the need for divorced parents who are in high-conflict situations to get approval in parenting with the exception of emergencies or serious problems. In essence, each parent is allowed to make decisions regarding the children when they are in their care, which reduces the need to constantly communicate.

It does not mean no contact, but instead minimized contact. The communication for parallel parenting is direct and less emotional than in standard co-parenting situations. This is done by avoiding face-to-face or telephone communication where possible to prevent conflict between the parents. A specific program is used for parental communication that is monitored and recorded.

Parenting Coordinators

In cases where the conflict is not manageable, the court can appoint a special master or parenting coordinator. The parents can agree on the person or the court can appoint one via court order. These appointees help resolve conflicts between high-conflict parents.

The Purpose of Parallel Parenting

The primary purpose of parallel parenting is to prevent parental conflict in front of the children, not to avoid general conflicts between the individuals. Studies have shown that children who witness high levels of conflicts between their parents suffer with behavioral or psychological problems. It’s all in the best interest of the child.

Parallel parenting is often complicated and detailed depending on the situation. It takes an experienced Corona Family Law attorney to help you with your parallel parenting plan. Don’t hesitate to ask for legal help for your divorce.

If you are in a high-conflict situation with your ex-husband or ex-wife, request a free initial consultation and learn about your rights and how it can work for you.

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