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The terms you establish in a divorce will impact your life for years to come, so every step in the process is extremely important. You need to work with an attorney you trust to protect your interests from start to finish.

Finding the right legal partner is not always easy or instantaneous. That is why the team at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC is offering a free consultation, so that you can get to know us and understand what we can do for you before you commit to work with us throughout the process. To get started, you can contact us online or call 855-426-9111.

Certified Specialists in California Family Law

The divorce team at Holstrom, Block & Parke is led by divorce attorneys who have earned certification for their expertise in family law. They have demonstrated not only a thorough comprehension of legal principles, but also experience in helping clients achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. To be designated as a Certified Family Law Specialist in California, a divorce lawyer must complete specialized coursework and pass examinations, as you would expect, but their work is also subjected to evaluation by judges and other attorneys practicing in the field.

The bottom line is that Certified Specialists not only know the law, but know how to use it to their clients’ advantage. With so many Certified Family Law Specialists on our team, we are able to offer advice and advocacy at a level that few firms can match.

300+ Years of Combined Experience with Complex Divorce Cases

Every divorce situation comes with its own unique challenges, but sometimes those challenges are multiplied exponentially by layers of complexity. For instance, a divorce involving high-profile individuals requires the need for discretion, but the situation also usually involves significant assets that require intricate investigation to classify and divide, and the importance of the assets often contributes to an escalation in conflict.

Our team understands how to protect each individual concern and how to coordinate management of those concerns into an effective strategy to keep you in control throughout the process. Collectively, we have over 300+ years successfully handling cases involving complicating factors such as:

  • Business interests
  • Hidden assets
  • Great degrees of conflict
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Assets tied to future performance
  • Narcissistic personalities
  • Commercial real estate
  • Athletes, doctors, and other professionals with unique compensation arrangements

You can trust our team to manage the challenges with skill, knowledge, and diplomacy.

Settling Terms Through Negotiation and Litigation

With a broad base of experience, the attorneys at Holstrom, Block & Parke can help you achieve the most advantageous terms for your divorce through both cooperative and contentious processes. Developing terms through a negotiation process such as mediation or collaborative divorce gives couples the flexibility and control to establish custom plans for custody and property division that are tailored to their specific desires.

When negotiation fails to achieve a resolution to conflict, our team knows how to succeed in all aspects of litigation, including the tactical use of discovery to gain vital information. In fact, we not only have extensive experience with divorce trials but also appealing trial decisions through advocacy at the appellate level.

Do You Need to Modify Terms of an Existing Divorce Decree?

California law gives you the right to seek modifications of many terms of your divorce as circumstances change. Our team can help you demonstrate why custody arrangements should be changed or how circumstances justify a modification of alimony or child support obligations. If your former spouse is requesting a modification and you disagree, we can present effective arguments to show why a change is not warranted.

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Divorce is stressful mentally, emotionally, and financially. We want to ease the burden a little by giving you the opportunity to get started without worrying about committing to legal fees.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options for divorce, the issues you will need to resolve, and the ways our team can assist throughout the process. Every matter discussed will be held in the strictest confidence.

The attorneys at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC consistently receive high rankings through Super Lawyers, U.S News Best Lawyers, AVVO, and other prestigious professional review organizations. We are dedicated to securing the greatest possible outcome for each and every client.