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Confident and Relieved!

Samantha McBride took care of my child custody case, and all I can say is how amazing she was! I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. When it comes to tough situations I don't think I'd trust anyone else to help. She was extremely honest since the very beginning, nevertheless very knowledgeable with family law. She helped me through every obstacle that emerged. I went from being scared and discouraged to confident & relieved. I couldn't thank her more for everything she did. The best service for the price. She's one lawyer you do not have to think twice about, her character shows how much she actually puts effort into her job rather than like other lawyers who just want your money and couldn't care less for your outcome. Thank you Sam for everything you did! God Bless you!

Esther V.

Empowering Advocate!

I am beyond grateful for the exceptional representation I received from Brittany Van Veen and her team at Holstrom, Block & Parke/Custody Queens. I literally placed the future of mine and my daughter's lives in her hands, and she fought tirelessly to win our move-away case. Brittany is incredibly intelligent and knows this area of law through and through. Her strategic approach and comprehensive knowledge were evident in her preparation, detailed court documents and courtroom presence. She reviewed every detail of my case, crafted the strongest possible arguments, and consistently kept me informed throughout every step of the legal process. Brittany will not sugar coat anything; she tells it like it is, and that's exactly who you need when you're fighting for the best interest of your child within a complex legal system. Her honesty and straightforwardness were refreshing and crucial in preparing me for every possible outcome. I am naturally an emotional and anxious person, and Brittany was always available to answer my questions, no matter how small. Her reassuring demeanor gave me the confidence I needed to stay positive and remind myself that she's got us no matter what. She is truly a remarkable attorney who goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you, Brittany, for your outstanding work and for helping me achieve exactly what I wanted for my baby girl and I. We are forever grateful for you, this win has truly made the future I've dreamed of for us a reality!

Sabrina C.

You won't regret it!

Please if your looking for someone in Family Law, don't walk, RUN to Holstrom, Block and & Park. Taylor Goldschmidt was my personal attorney and Brandy Maness my paralegal. They did such an AMAZING job!! Taylor and Brandy made it so easy that you just have to give them the information that they need, then they do the rest!! They respond in a timely manner and unbelievably quick of the turnaround times of what document is requested/needed. I'm so blessed I found Taylor. She is very reliable and efficient. I totally recommend you hire Taylor Goldschmidt and her team. You won't regret it. She will be the only attorney that always comes up in my head when anyone asks if I know any attorney!! Thank you Taylor and Brandy for all you did for me and my daughter!!!

Jane C.

The Entire Team Was Very Professional

I am so grateful Lindsay guided me through my case. The situation was stressful, and I had lots of questions. My mind was very confused many times because I didn't understand the process with the court and family law. However, Lindsay answered my questions and provided me with valuable feedback, which assisted me in making important decisions regarding my case.

Rocio Z.

Great Experience

I came to Brittany with no knowledge of how the legal system works and she walked me through step by step until the very end. I am very grateful for her experience and would highly recommend. 6 stars ✨


This firm has amazing attorneys

I have been a client with Holstrom, Block, and Parke, APLC since 2018. This firm is exceptional in all that they do for families, especially advocating for parent's/father's rights. Their offices are always welcoming with courteous staff that make sure you are attended to and comfortable prior and during meetings. This firm has amazing attorneys that specialize in all aspects of family law. Samantha McBride, who has been on my case from beginning, is a caring and tenacious champion for parents that is also an extremely knowledgable and fierce litigant. I am so thankful for her and the paralegal staff (special shoutout to Margo Emil) who have been great at responding to all my questions, preparing my documents and me for court, and ensuring that my parenting rights and interests are protected. I highly recommend this firm for any and family legal matters.

Frank P.

Thank you for everything!

Everything I was looking for in an attorney representation of my case I was able to find in Mr. Ruiz. I felt like my case had very unique circumstances and that I needed to find an adequate, professional, strong, confident and understanding of my needs type of representation. Mr. Ruiz was always very professional, approachable and always provided the guidance I needed. I am very grateful and satisfied with the level of service provided by Mr. Ruiz and the successful overall outcome of my case as it helped me get closure to all the pain and suffering I endured during my divorce settlement proceedings.

Claudia O.

A Stark Contrast to My Past Experiences

Carrie and her team, my third law firm, provided a stark contrast to my past experiences. They demonstrated impeccable organization, timely communication, comprehensive knowledge of my case, and effective trial preparation.

Carrie's negotiation skills were formidable, and her honesty throughout the process was appreciated. Invoices were clear and fair. Though I settled before an evidentiary hearing, I had full faith in Carrie's representation. She was well-versed in the facts and adept at presenting arguments.

Personal interactions with Carrie further solidified my confidence in her integrity. While the firm's fees are high, I believe the quality of service justifies the cost. For those considering litigation, I would advise budgeting at least $25,000 for a relatively simple Request for Order with one in-person hearing.

Overall, I am pleased with my choice and grateful for the services provided by Carrie, Sherrie, and Citlali. Thank you.

Britney H.

A step ahead of any questions I had in store for her

I am beyond thankful that I found Holstrom, Block and Parke but even more grateful when I had Attorney Brittany Van Veen represent me.

She was able to turn a stressful situation into a positive outcome. She was always in communication with me and was on top with the process since I first retained her. Brittany Van Veen, took this case into a more personal matter and dealt with it like it was her own very personal case.

She was very responsive and a step ahead of any questions I had in store for her. If you’re dealing with the situation I was, I suggest you give her a call and hear her out. She will do what’s necessary in order to obtain the best results for you and your future.

Even now words can’t describe how grateful I am to have her represent me.

Daniel L.

Do NOT hesitate and retain today!!

This is by and far the BEST family law firm in SoCal. I retained HBP, specifically the Custody Queens (Kristen & Sam) in 2016 and they have been helping me with my case ever since.

This law firm is easy to work with, communicate effectively, are open, honest, fair, do not give false hopes and help you be prepared for every element of your case.

From front office, to billing, legal assistants, paralegals, case managers, lawyers and everyone else I may have left out…ALL incredible people…thank you ALL for being so incredibly helpful along my journey.

Melissa S.

Smart, Articulate, and Focused

Hired Sam last minute, literally 48hrs before court, and with how prepared she was, you’d think she knew my case for months. Her coordinator, James, was phenomenal in gathering the information and putting the packets together for her. She kept it 100% with me the entire time, things she thought the courts would agree to and told me when to back off of other items. I hate to say we “won” our case because in child custody matters, it shouldn’t be able winning or losing, but she got exactly what was best for my child. And that is all I was concerned about. She was concise, articulate, to the point, with poise and a firm no nonsense tone in her voice she breezed through the hearing. I couldn’t be more happy with her and her team. They came together in a rush and we can a successful outcome. In a moment of panic, she had me take a moment, talked over things, and prepped me to face the opposing party. I haven’t felt that confident around him in years.

She kept it 100% with me the entire time, things she thought the courts would agree to and told me when to back off of other items. I hate to say we “won” our case because in child custody matters, it shouldn’t be able winning or losing, but she got exactly what was best for my child. And that is all I was concerned about. She was concise, articulate, to the point, with poise and a firm no nonsense tone in her voice she breezed through the hearing. I couldn’t be more happy with her and her team. They came together in a rush and we can a successful outcome. In a moment of panic, she had me take a moment, talked over things, and prepped me to face the opposing party. I haven’t felt that confident around him in years.

I couldn’t be more happy with her and her team. They came together in a rush and we can a successful outcome. In a moment of panic, she had me take a moment, talked over things, and prepped me to face the opposing party. I haven’t felt that confident around him in years.

Lisa T.

It's unfortunate that I wasn't aware of this firm 4 years

It's unfortunate that I wasn't aware of this firm 4 years ago when I had no idea how to even begin dealing with the nightmare of separating from someone, especially when a child is involved.

I wasted a lot of money, time & stress, so if one person learns from my bad decisions I'll be happy. Separations/divorces can be a nightmare and they're never done after the first few court dates, so get excited. Luckily my algorithm (I don't care what anyone says-it knows what you need better than you do) sent me the Custody Queens information.

My first consultation was with Taylor Goldschmidt and I immediately felt so much better after speaking with her. I finally feel like there's someone on MY side, knows what she's doing, understands the actual law (because a lot of them don't) and is ahead of the situation so she's prepared when it happens. The fact that she's transparent regarding costs, retainers, outcomes, etc. says something about her integrity which unfortunately isn't common.

I know it's going to be a long road with my situation but I feel better that she's going to handle it.

Carrie O.

I am incredibly grateful for their hard work and dedication

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exemplary legal representation provided by Attorney Ron Funk and his dedicated team. From the very beginning, their commitment to communication and excellence set them apart, earning my complete trust and satisfaction.

Attorney Funk demonstrated an unmatched level of expertise and professionalism throughout the entirety of my case. His ability to communicate complex legal matters in a clear and understandable manner was truly impressive. I always felt well-informed and confident in the strategy being pursued.

What truly sets Attorney Funk and his team apart is their unwavering dedication to their clients. They went above and beyond, investing time and effort to thoroughly understand the nuances of my case. Their commitment to my best interests was evident as they tirelessly worked to ensure that every detail was meticulously addressed.

The communication from the entire team was exceptional. I was kept informed at every stage of the legal process, and any questions or concerns I had were addressed promptly and with the utmost care. This level of transparency and responsiveness greatly alleviated the stress that often accompanies legal matters.

Most impressively, Attorney Funk and his team successfully navigated my case, ultimately resulting in its dismissal. Their commitment to achieving the best possible outcome was evident at every turn, and I am incredibly grateful for their hard work and dedication.

I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Funk and his team to anyone seeking legal representation. Their commitment to excellence, effective communication, and willingness to go the extra mile make them unparalleled in their field. Thank you, Attorney Funk and team, for your outstanding service!

Rick P.

I don't believe anyone other than Dayn could have protected my interests as well as he did

I don’t believe anyone other than Dayn could have protected my interests as well as he did in my acrimonious divorce situation with his knowledge and a very strong presence in the court. I met Dayn at the time that my first attorney had failed at protecting my interests and the second one was just not capable enough of handling aggressive litigation style my Ex’s attorney had. When I met Dayn for the first time I could sense that he is someone who has in-depth knowledge of his field and had years of experience successfully implementing it in different situations. I could also sense that here was someone who possessed integrity of character as an individual and will do his best to defend my interest in his very confident and firm interaction style. You actually do not want an attorney with overly aggressive communication style because the judges may react negatively to that. My Ex – was asking for a very large time share with children (80%) and significant money in child and spousal support. As a father it was painful enough that I will not be able to see my kids all the time as I would have if there was no divorce, and dealing with my ex’s false claims of abuse. Dayn succeeded in getting the custody share to half time with each parent which is what I always wanted. Although Dayn and his firm are not cheap at the surface, according to my calculation, I ended up saving a lot of money (~1 million) by hiring him, had my ex- been able to succeed in getting what she wanted as child and spousal support over next so many years. In fact Dayn succeeded in having my ex- pay me a large sum of money. In retrospect I should never have hired my first two attorneys who I hired to save money, but it lead to losing money. What happened before I hired Dayn was that at a preliminary hearing my Ex asked for child and spousal support and this was granted to her without my first attorney raising any objection to my Ex’s demands!!! I had to continue paying a large amount of support money for months while Dayn was working at undoing the damage by his vigorous representation. He succeeded! When I went to court with Dayn, I went in comfort knowing that he will do his best and I could relax. I knew that he would give me the right advice and not bend down to unreasonableness from other party. I knew he would follow reason and present it with utmost clarity and firmness. He is ultimately a man who one could trust at all levels. Another great thing about him is that he will never show you unrealistic possibilities. This is very helpful in acceptance of what ultimately worked out. This is very important trait in an attorney to have because if you meet someone who wants your money they can show you dreams of what they can get for you etc. and when the emotions are heated it sounds good, ultimately it is unhelpful. This was the case with my Ex’s attorney I believe. I wholeheartedly recommend Dayn and thank him for his help. BTW everyone at this firm is a thorough professional which is a great plus and this is what someone stuck in a difficult divorce situation needs.


Unmatched Intelligence and Courtroom Presence

Highly recommend Jeremy Roark. His intelligence and courtroom presence is unmatched. Just walking down the halls people knew he's a big deal. He explained everything very clearly and was dedicated to the best possible outcome. I would not hesitate to have Jeremy represent me in the future.

Michael W.

Such A Great Experience

Had such a Great experience with Attorney Taylor Schmidt and Brandy. I felt I was the underdog going into this, and we came out ahead and got a little more than we asked for. Top Notch Firm.

Essen B.

Helped Me Through A Difficult Time

I can’t say enough great things about Taylor Goldschmidt and Brandy Maness. It was a pleasure having these two on my case and helping me through this difficult time. Taylor is VERY thorough and has a great sense of compassion. She’s confident and has an amazing range of knowledge. Thankful for having them on my “team” and getting my case settled in a timely matter.

Veronica M.

Logical and Compassionate

Ms. Munson has been incredibly effective while working my case. She is both supportive and compassionate but has no issue telling me when we need to take a different approach no matter how I may be feeling. This balance has allowed me to see my case with a clearer head while also feeling heard and supported.


My Expectations Were Far Exceeded

I’m extremely pleased with the representation that I received from Attorney Taylor Goldschmidt and Paralegal Brandy Maness. Attorney Goldschmidt was able to take over a case that had languished for far too long and turn it around to a win within a short period of time. My resolution expectations were far exceeded, and the matter was resolved in a satisfactory manner for all involved. Their attention to detail and knowledge of applicable cases saved me over $100K. Thank you.

D. Payne

He was at the top of his game when we had to go to court and fight for my rights.

I want to write this testimonial about the law offices of Dayn Holstrom in Corona. Dayn has been my divorce lawyer through this process. He was at the top of his game when we had to go to court and fight for my rights as a father to have 50-50 custody. He was huge in helping to set the record right with regards to understanding the law and getting an agreement with my ex-spouse. Dayn understood the law and administered it at the courthouse sessions. Dayn was a rare find and I would recommend him and his law firm to anyone who is going through this tough time of divorce in their life. Dayn will represent and stand up for your rights as a Father or mother to the extent of the law. I found Dayn to be knowledgeable and very firm and assertive when it was needed with the judge and the ex-spouse and her lawyer. he did everything according to the law. If you are going through a tough time with divorce and you are not expected to handle the load of divorce Dayn is your man he is very respected and well known by the local judges in the Riverside County area.

D. Waltemeyer

Always Very Upfront and Honest

I worked with Samantha for a custody revision case and I think my favorite thing I can take away from her is she was always very upfront and honest about how it all would work and what the real possibilities were she never lead me to believe something just to pursue more in my case. She always had my girls best interest at heart through every step of the process and I always felt at ease! Her team is just as incredible as her! James is her right hand and he is absolutely phenomenal communicating and on top of everything you ask of him! I am so beyond happy I was referred to Sam and her team! Thank you all for making an uncomfortable process the best it could be!.

Brooke M.

You'll never understand the gratitude I have for you

There are not enough words to demonstrate how much HBP and my attorney Kristen Holstrom mean to me. They have fought hard to get me to where I am in my case and have been open and honest from the beginning. I have never met a team that was more helpful in every aspect of my case. I considered going elsewhere, but chose to do research and find my own attorney and could not be more thankful that I did. Every request for an attorney from friends goes directly to this firm. I also want to send a thank you to attorney Ron Funk as well. He had a meaningful part in my case and deserves credit too!! Thank you HBP, you’ll never understand the gratitude I have for you, my attorney and your entire team.

Melissa Siegl

An Absolute Angel - Such an Intelligent and Empowering Attorney

Brittany was instrumental in helping me through a difficult time and she stands up for her clients with the utmost professional demeanor. I was in awe of how she handled situations and personalities that would have triggered many. But she rises above and teaches how to handle situations with grace and dignity. I learned so much from her and she helped me survive and thrive through so much. She shines in every situation and I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me and my daughter.

Cassandra M.

Helped us maintain an acceptable level of calm

In our guardianship case, attorney Jeremy Roark and his entire team were and continue to be excellent. I am very pleased with the attention to detail and the attention to our case. The entire firm is dedicated to making the client as comfortable as possible during an often confusing and stressful process. Emotions run high when involved in any legal process and ours was no exception. The confidence and professionalism shown by Attorney Roark and his support staff helped us maintain an acceptable level of calm. Jeremy was well-prepared and maintained control of the proceedings in a calm professional manner. He was respectful to all parties - on each side of the case, yet stayed focused on obtaining a positive outcome.

Al B.

Great Service

I was very overwhelmed with issues regarding my divorce. I had two lawyers before Ron, with one that charged $23,000 for 1 1/2 years of nothing (my opinion). Ron reviewed my case and prepared court docs in such a way that I believe navigated the presiding judge and opposing counsel to one direction that favored me. Thanks Ron.

Donna A.

Simply the best!

Holstrom, Block, and Parke! There’s no doubt in my mind they are simply the best. Period. Call them and it’s done. The best, hands down. They will handle it. Emiliza is the lady to ask for. The best. I had a complicated case. Emiliza made it easy! Call them! Worth it.

Brian B.

You Truly Are the Best Lawyers

Thank you (Dennis M. Sandoval and Sandoval Legacy Group) so much for all you have done over the years. You not only held Suzanne’s hand along the way, but you also held. mine, especially when I was confused (most recently). You truly are the best lawyers I know. Thank you again.

Lisa M.

I couldn’t be happier

I highly recommend Jeremy Roark and the staff at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC to handle any of your legal needs. I met Jeremy when he represented my nephew in a child custody case. So, when my ex-husband filed to end the alimony, he was paying me, I knew Jeremy Roark was who I wanted to represent me. His knowledge, professionalism, efficient manner, and awesome personality put me at easy immediately. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. I would not hesitate to hire Jeremy and his firm again in the future.


Not Only a Top Attorney

Matthew B. is not only a top attorney, capable of navigating & litigating the complexities of a case, but he’s also great at balancing the focus on the business goal/desired outcome. Highly recommend HB&P, esp. Matthew.

Daniel G.

Divorce is a difficult decision.

Divorce is a difficult decision, but when looking for a divorce attorney I came across Holstrom, Block & Parke. Before making any decisions I decided to go to the court house and sit in on a divorce case. It just so happened, the attorney I was watching was Mr. Holstrom. I was able to see him first hand in the court room and was very impressed. On the court’s break I talked to the woman he was representing and she said Dayn was a great attorney and she highly recommended him. If you are looking for an attorney and law office that is understanding, knowledgeable, sharp, and professional and knows how to get the job done then Holstrom, Block & Parke is the place. My Thanks go out to Mr. Holstrom and his awesome staff for helping through a difficult time in my life and with the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.


A Confident, Strong & Knowledgeable Attorney

In my child support & modification case Xinia Williams showed all her strong assets in my trial, she fought for me to get the best outcome for me and my child and she truly did. I was very happy with the end verdict & very proud to have her represent me. I was very happy with her professionalism and knowledge to take charge in these hard times of stress a lot of parents go through during these matters. I would totally recommend Xinia Williams for anyone who needs a strong, confident, and knowledgeable Attorney to guide them through the process of righteousness for you & your children.


You Need Sam On Your Team!

I have been going through a very “complicated”, tumultuous case. Samantha McBride has been right by my side through it all! She is honest (even with things you don’t want to hear, but NEED to hear) , she is supportive, invested and also fights hard. I felt as though she truly put her heart and soul into this for myself and my daughters. Everyone that I have come across with at Holstrom, Block, and Parke has been amazing!

Nish S.


If you are looking for a first class, professional, knowledgeable firm that will fight for and with you, look no further. I worked with attorney Jim Parke, a partner, on my very challenging custody move away case. From the start, I felt taken care of by the whole team, during a very trying time.

Jim Parke’s legal knowledge and expertise are second to none, his ethics are excellent, his dedication is exemplary, his follow-thru is impeccable, his tenacity unmatched and his court demeanor is stellar!

His paralegal Courtney was an invaluable team member. After a year long battle, they won my case and I am forever grateful to the amazing team at Holstrom, Block and Parke.

Melissa B.

Successfully Got Me 100% of What I Was Fighting For

After going through a very toxic and hostile 2-year custody battle and having 2 prior attorneys representing me, my husband found Kristen Holstrom and Samantha McBride from Holstrom, Block, and Parke on  Their response time is impeccable and prompt, and it was very easy to get a hold of my legal team when needed. Despite their case load, I was always made to feel like my case was their top priority.

Samantha McBride was the primary attorney representing me and she was everything I prayed for in an attorney. She is very protective of her clients and individuals involved in the case and will not say or do anything to jeopardize their wellbeing. She is very tactical and strategic with her litigation and knows opposing counsel’s tactics as well. She is assertive in the courtroom and quite a pistol yet handles arguments with such grace.

She was simply a godsend and was able to successfully get me 100% of what I was fighting for.

Ashley C.

Thanks again Ron, you're a lifesaver!

Let me first begin by saying a BIG thank you to Ron Funk. He truly is man of his word and is incredibly knowledgeable with Appellate Law. I came to him by reference from a previous attorney of mine who held him in high esteem and boy was that one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Facing a legal crisis created by my late ex-wife’s family and a very corrupt Family Law Commissioner, Ron immediately knew I was wronged both ethically and in legal statute. He reassured me I had a strong case, that he would do his best to present it and got the result we were both hoping for.

I really appreciate how Ron took charge and obtained a favorable decision for me and my family. If you ever need a strong attorney to bring your case before an Appellate Court, reach out to Ron Funk at Holstrom Block & Park. Their office staff is also very friendly, professional and knowledgeable as well. You’ll be happy you did.

Casey C.

Above and Beyond

I spoke with Xinia during a consultation for a deeply personal child custody case involving domestic violence and abuse. Xinia was the first attorney — and one of the first people in general — whom I spoke to about my situation.

Even in the midst of me crying, breaking down, and having trouble articulating what I was trying to do from a legal standpoint, Xinia was incredibly kind and patient with me throughout the process, allowing me to feel completely safe in a vulnerable moment. She was also deeply knowledgeable and well-versed in the realities of a complex Family Courts System.

Although our schedules didn’t align and we weren’t able to work together on my case, the advice she gave me during the consultation strengthened my overall case astronomically. I cannot say enough positive things about Xinia.

If you’re going through a custody case, she’s the exact kind of attorney you’d dream of being able to work with. Retain her. Immediately.


The Attorney You Need

Mr. Roark helped me through the most difficult time of my life. His knowledge and communication with me were outstanding. I would recommend his services and have already. I’m so thankful I was recommended Mr. Roark.

Erik D.

Knowledgeable and Communicates Well

Divorce is a difficult time for anyone. It’s easier though when you have a legal team that is knowledgeable and communicates well. Having Mr. Roark and his team in my corner really made this process easier. I would highly recommend.

The Diamond Family

I Was Really Happy With My Results

At first I was a little worried about my case and the outcome… however thanks to my attorney; Jeremy Roark, I was really happy with my results and the support his law firm was able to provide to me. they were able to help me from getting ready for the mediation all the way to showing up in court and doing an excellent job representing me. ultimately the judge ruled in our favor and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome thank you to everyone at Holstrom, Block & Parke for all the hard work you all did. Would 100% RECOMMEND.

Rene M.

Personable, Dependable, Professional Legal Services

If you find yourself in family court, you have already lost. However, if you do find yourself in that situation I strongly recommend retaining the services of Samantha McBride. She will ask the right questions, do the research and work to position your case in the most effective way in court. Samantha McBride truly listens when other attorney just goes through the motions. There is no doubt in my mind, she was the reason for the positive outcome in my case. Thank you for all of your help Sam.

Darwin C.

INCREDIBLY lucky to have found her!

Samantha is extremely detail-oriented, eloquent, attentive, and devoted to her clients. She’s also a straight-shooter and I appreciate the fact that she didn’t sugarcoat anything for me as it was my first time dealing with the court system and so initially, I had no idea what to expect. Nevertheless, the calm, collected, and aggressive way she handled my case really settled my nerves right away and assured me that I was in good hands from the very beginning. It seemed that she almost had a sixth sense when it came to predicting basically everything the opposing counsel and party were going to do or say and always had a rapid response ready and waiting. Thank you so much!!

Maureen U.

So, So Happy!

Carrie Block has been an amazing attorney. As a member of the LGBTQA+ community, it was vital for me to locate a Certified Family Law Specialist that simply understood. Although it is more common today, I had a unique custody and visitation matter that Carrie was equipped to handle. She presented the facts of my case in court with grace, and we obtained a ruling that was in my favor. I highly recommend Carrie Block to assist with any of your family law matters. She is sharp, aggressive, and compassionate.

Thank you for your help, Carrie.

Natalie A.

The Michael Jordan of Family Law

If you are seeking an attorney that will take an ownership attitude in regards to your case, Attorney Jeremy Roark is your man. I was recently involved in a case where an ex-spouse brought a series of false allegations against me. These false allegations could have proved detrimental to my financial well being if entertained by the courts. Attorney Roark pursued my issue with the intention of attaining a quick resolution. Unlike several other attorney’s that I consulted with before Mr. Roark, the other attorney’s wanted to take the matter to trial, which the cost of the trial itself could have unraveled my financial stability. Within a day of reviewing my case, Attorney Roark assured me that statistically, the odds were in my favor that the allegations brought against me would be dismissed. Attorney Roark was absolutely correct, within several minutes of my hearing, the judge dismissed the case.

As a side note, you will most likely feel at ease with Attorney Roark… Attorney Roark is a very down to earth guy that will talk to you about his family, sports, and he is a great listener that is equally interested in learning about you as a person. You will leave Attorney Roark’s knowing that this man will exercise due diligence in regards to helping you. After retaining Attorney Roark, I was able to sleep better after the false allegations were brought against me.

Lastly, I would like to make a sports comparison in reference to Attorney Roark… If I had to compare Attorney Roark to any sports figures, he would definitely be the Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Tom Brady of Family Law.

I wish Attorney Roark and his family the best and hope that God continues to use him as a tool for his clients.

Warren D.

Professionalism, Trustworthiness and Knowledge

I was blown away by the professionalism, trustworthiness and knowledge my attorney, Jeremy Roark, displayed throughout representing me during my divorce. His passion for the law and his desire to advocate for his clients is exactly what I was looking for and needed while going through my divorce with my ex.

My ex tried to lie about our finances, our business, and some assets we had together and Jeremy was able to catch each discrepancy AND prove numerous things wrong on numerous occasions. Jeremy also has a way of communicating and breaking down what is going on in your case in ways that are easy to understand while sharing with your his plan of action so you’re well informed throughout the process as well.

If you need a “numbers” guy (someone to break down assets, finances, custody, business)- Jeremy is your guy! If you need any type of assistance with your custody battle- Trust me when I say, Jeremy is your guy! If you need someone who knows the law inside and out or will get you the answers to all of your questions- Jeremy Roark is your guy!

My ex husband tried to take everything away from me (finances, time with my kids, business) and I truly think that if I had chosen any other attorney, he could’ve gotten away with a lot of the snake moves! I will be forever grateful Mr. Roark represented me.

Angela S.

Impeccable Customer Service

I retained Emiliza for her services, and her time and dedicated representation made the largest difference in the outcome of my case. She is a knowledgable professional with impeccable customer service and is very, very responsive. She communicated all the legal jargon in an understandable form for the layman. In summary, I highly, highly recommend Emiliza as your legal representation.

Aaron L.

Kept Me Constantly Informed

I retained the services of Emiliza San Diego for my case and she was a consummate professional. She was very knowledgeable and was able to break things down to a level for anyone to understand. Keeping me constantly informed, I would highly recommend to those needing representation.

Tenario M.

Always Put My Children First

Chandra and her team were always professional and extremely competent. Filings were always on time and I was kept in the loop throughout the divorce process. The most important aspect of this process was that Chandra always put my children first, making sure they were well protected and taken care of.

Erin W.

What I Needed

Chandra kept me informed, helped me understand the process and timelines and reassured me along the way. Divorce is an emotional roller coaster so it’s critical that you have a good relationship with your attorney. I am exceptionally grateful to Chandra for her professionalism and kindness.


They Made Me Feel Welcomed and Appreciated

Divorce is stressful enough so picking an attorney to represent me was itself frightening. Frankly, I picked this firm in great part due to the fact they were nearby. Was I ever surprised? They were far more. Chandra and Corrina were outstanding, allaying my concerns, being frank and thorough on possible maneuvers, strategies and outcomes and they made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I was kept informed and calls were answered quickly and efficiently. The invoices were clear and supported. There is no such thing as a good divorce but if you find yourself facing it, reach out to HBP and ask for Chandra.

David B.

Best Attorney I Could Have Ever Asked For

Received new review for Jeremy Roark
Mr Roark was the best attorney I could have ever asked for – hands down. He shows empathy, he was encouraging, he was kind, and listened to me. Even when I got upset, he knew how to shut me up so I wouldn’t get myself in trouble in front of the judge. He was honest and set a realistic expectation. When I say he fought as hard as he could for me, I mean he was like the lawyers in the movies and the shows you see. He was a SHARK. And if you’re looking for a shark, look no more. He is well worth every penny. And even though I didn’t get the outcome I wanted, he helped me not lose custody or have to pay sanctions and that is a victory. He is truly the best.

Crissy D.

By Far the Best Lawyer

Jeremy is the absolute best. He genuinely cares about your case and tries his hardest for you. By far the best lawyer around!

Brittany I.

Got the Job Done!

I am very grateful for Kristen and the whole team at Holstrom, Block & Parke. They are attentive, kind, understanding, and were very detailed with every aspect of my case. Kristen and her team got the job done!

Tony G.

I Will Always Be Grateful

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude to Melanie Suba and Chandra Moss of Holstrom, Block, & Parke for taking on my case. Your experience and ability to convey all that was relative and then put all this together in a fair and equitable manner helped me enormously.

This was a very difficult time for me and your help was vastly needed and for this I wish also to extend my thanks. An enormous problem was solved, due to all your professional expert support and service.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. I will always be grateful to Ms. Robin De LaTorre for having recommended you.

Thank you, again, for taking on my case. For with you at the Helm, I withstood the gale that looked like a storm brewing.

Nancy G.

Great Listener and Honest

I felt Sam listened to everything I had to say. She sought to understand where I was coming from and what I needed. I felt like she advocated for me every step of the way. One thing I appreciated about her the most was her honesty and her frankness. If something I requested or was inquiring about would end up costing me more in attorney fees than what I was asking for, she was very honest about that. She took my financial situation into consideration and made sure to do everything she could to make the process as affordable for me as possible. Although attorneys are not cheap, regardless of how they are representing you, I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts she made to keep my costs low.

One thing I would recommend, as the client, is to read over all documents, settlements, requests, and other items in writing and check for misspellings and grammatical errors because I did see quite a few of those. Aside from that, I feel at peace knowing I had Sam representing me throughout my divorce.

Her confidence and knowledge of laws surrounding divorce provided me with even more comfort in choosing her as my representation. I would recommend Sam to anyone going through a divorce who needs to feel safe, listened to, and advocated for.

Kaylie R.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was referred to Mr. Holstrom’s office by a Therapist I was seeing over the verbal/emotional abuse I was receiving from my then husband. She said I needed to hire THE BEST! I was distraught and scared to move forward with a Divorce proceeding, and yet, after meeting with Mr.. Holstrom & his paralegal Leigh, I felt confident that I could get my life back on track. All along the way, I was impressed with the professional quality of work coming out of everyone in the office. The documents & judgments that were written up were amazing & the attention to detail was outstanding. My case took some twists & turns and in the end, I am happy with the results. I was very impressed with attorney Mariana Hevia-Cockrell, she took care of some details in my case that needed swift, assertive action, and made things happen! I was treated with respect and care at all times by EVERYONE in that office, and I will be forever grateful to the firm of Holstrom, Block & Parke for ridding me of that mean/lying/asset hiding/abusive/cheater of a husband & securing for me my rights to live my life in my own home with my children in Peace and with Hope for a brighter future! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Great Experience

Matt Bogosian did an awesome job with my very complex case. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very communicative. I highly recommend his services for family law.


The Best

I can’t say enough about Dayn! I was married to the biggest manipulator, to the point he had everyone fooled. It was very hard for me to trust anybody. I learned through this whole process that you have to connect with your lawyer meaning find the right fit, with Dayn I had that. He protected me and went above and beyond to the point I was even sending him text messages. I would never choose a different attorney, I know with him he will always have my best interest. We so far won the spousal support, and I finally have a taste of my own freedom. Freedom from a man that thinks he can over power anybody. NOT MY TEAM!


I am extremely happy!

I found Holstrom Block & Parke on AVVO and scheduled a consultation with Sam McBride. She is extremely informative, knowledgeable, and honest. Both Sam and Margo Emil responded to my emails promptly and drafted multiple correspondence to opposing counsel for urgent matters, immediately. Court and custody battles can be extremely stressful and draining but Sam constantly reassured me that everything would be okay and advocated for me and my son. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and the services provided. Thank you to the entire firm for being kind and responsive during this process.

Doreen C.

They have been Amazing

Since the day I hired Carrie Block and her team, they have been amazing. I appreciate them explaining to me all the “legal” verbiage! Her team is very detailed when going over legal documents. Great communication! I would recommend Holstrom, Block and Parke.

Kathy M.

Well Attentive Legal Services

Samantha K. McBride has provided well-skilled services to my case. Done so in a timely manner, that was skillfully communicated at all times. I recommend her and the law firm for any case in this area of law.


Not Only Super Responsive... He "Gets It"

I am currently working with Matthew Bogosian and not only is he super responsive, he “gets it” and understands what it takes to obtain a successful outcome. I really can’t say enough good things about working with Matthew. I HIGHLY recommend this firm and Matthew for any of your family law needs!

Kimberly M.

Experience and Patience - A Great Combination

Dennis Sandoval is experienced, offers helpful advice, and has the patience of a saint. He always took the time to answer our questions and gave real-life examples to clarify confusing concepts. We are confident that our new Trust will simplify the final distribution of our estate to beneficiaries, as well as the management of our assets during times of incapacity.


I was so impressed by his kindness and efficiency to very detail

A friend recommended Dennis Sandoval to do my trust. So grateful to her. I was so impressed by his kindness and efficiency to very detail. He had many suggestions based on his experience with many trust and possible complications to avoid. It is definitely a “5” star law firm. I feel very confident about each decision I made.

Thank you so much Mr. Sandoval.

Dorothy L. Nelson

The Best Lawyer

Samantha and Windy were top notch, they both provided the best service. Previously I had poor legal counsel that did not know my case and really complicated my situation. This was not the case with HBP, we went over my case and with the help of Samantha and Windy we were able to get my children’s visitation time restored back to equal time.

Simon S.

I have been with Dayn on and off for over 20 years.

I have been with Dayn on and off for over 20 years. He has helped me on many occasions for a variety of reasons. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I will continue to use his expertise in law whenever the need arises and would highly recommend him to friends.


Her knowledge helped me to get the result that I wanted.

I would recommend the Holstrom, Block & Parke team to anybody. My attorney Kristen Holstrom did give a lot of information and her knowledge helped me to get the result that I wanted. Everything was good with their services but the court system is the only thing I had to have patience for. Thank you Kristen!

Jesus V.

Successful Engagement

I engaged David‘s services to help me to terminate an irrevocable trust. He provided me with the information and support services I needed to successfully terminate the trust in a minimum amount of time. His work was spot on and was completed quickly and professionally. Communications with David were excellent.

Bob R.

I cannot say enough how grateful we are.

I realize that you are doing your job. But. I cannot say enough how grateful we are to you for your understanding, your on-the-ball-ness, your knowledge, and your support. This is an extremely tough time for us, and being able to depend on your excellence is invaluable. THANK YOU, Lennea-we heart you!

Donna S.

Oh my goodness!

Oh my goodness! Holstrom, Block & Parke exceeded my expectations of a law firm. I am a single mom who was very overwhelmed with the process of child custody and child support. I was operating without legal representation and as a result, I was constantly being taken advantage of. From the moment I hired Holstrom, Block & Parke my mind was put at ease and I was able to exhale for the first time in years. Upon my first call, Attorney Dayn Holstrom, spoke with me and laid everything out in a very practical and no nonsense way. Dayn Holstrom is extremely knowledgeable and sees beyond the emotions to get down to the real issues on the table. His paralegal, Leigh, is top notch and has a way of calming any nerves by having genuine conversations with me. This is the peace of mind that I needed. This office is fair, assertive, organized, passionate, aggressive, timely and takes excellent care of their clients. I highly recommend this firm.

B. Buck

Satisfied Client

I was fortunate to be recommended to Dennis thru the firm which I have previously used, I consulted with Dennis and hired him to assist me with my Trust, everything from start to finish was first class, will definitely recommend and use again.


My case was handled in a very timely manner.

I used Dayn Holstrom as both my Divorce Attorney and didn’t have a second thought as who to use for my Child Support Modification hearing. Dayn and his team are very aggressive, informative, and knowledgeable. I was very confident in Dayn and his entire team. Thank you to the very knowledgeable Mariana Hevia-Cockrell and the amazing Christie Kaiser. My case was handled in a very timely manner, considering we didn’t have a lot of time. All of the information that I provided allowed the team to put together an amazing case. Dayn came into court and proved to me that I had once again made the best decision I could have, by choosing this office. I was more than satisfied with the turnout of my cases. Thank you to the entire team for all of your efforts, timely responses to phone calls and emails and keeping me informed of all that was going on with my case. I would absolutely recommend Dayn and his team to anyone. If you are looking for someone strong, aggressive and responsive, Dayn and his entire team are the ones for you.

N.R. A Family Law Client

I had chosen the right law firm

I unfortunately was actually abandoned from the attorney I originally hired to handle my painful Divorce and child custody issues, because “she was too busy”. So I immediately started researching attorneys in my area, and found out about Dayn Holstrom’s impressive background… GET THIS, from another attorney in the Corona area. This attorney told me if you really want someone that will not only have my best interest at hand, but an aggressive attorney with a proven record of success, “you need to hire Dayn Holstrom”. So I did just that… From the moment I sat down with Dayn and his assistant Christie, I felt I had chosen the right law firm. I found Dayn to be very informative and confident. That was very re-assuring to me and something I needed in an attorney to represent me. I also found the staff to be very friendly, from the person that answers the phone, to the follow through with returning my calls or emails. I would certainly recommend Dayn Holstrom because he has a proven track record that anyone can see!

D. Nunn

A wealth of knowledge, super personable, very clear and precise

David is awesome! He helped us set up all of our documents in regard to an Estate Plan (Trust, Wills, Power of Attorney, etc.). He is a wealth of knowledge, super personable, very clear and precise in his communications and does an excellent job breaking down the “legal stuff” in an understandable manner. We’ve already referred a few colleagues to him. He’s an outstanding professional that knows this stuff inside and out. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong in trusting him to help you get your docs in order!!! Thanks so much!!!!


Way to go Bryanna!

Bryanna Sandoval has created a unique system to speed up the process of signing and notarizing your trust documents. She knows exactly how many signatures are required and which person signs each page. So, just prior to our appointment, she pre-filled out her notary journal and notarized all the necessary pages in our documents. After verifying our identity, we simply signed where she indicated. Bryanna scanned all our signed documents while we added our fingerprints to her journal. The digital files were in our email by the time we arrived home.


Everyone is so helpful and compassionate.

I have worked with Holstrom, Block and Park for a few years now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Kristen Holstrom, and Corina Fuller as well as the rest of the staff make you feel like family. Everyone is so helpful and compassionate. They want what is best for their clients and will fight for you 100%. I would highly recommend them.

Leticia D.

Attorney Dayn Holstrom is just a shark; in and out of the courtroom.

Attorney Dayn Holstrom is just a shark; in and out of the courtroom. He was exactly what I needed. He was focused and clear about what information he needed from me. He will not waste your time on things insignificant to your case. I have had other attorneys who did not fight for me as he did. He knew my case, the law, and my rights. He did not back down to the opposing party or to the Judge. He fought for me and my children with all the passion that I would have, if I had to represent myself.

C. Boswell

I appreciate you making yourself available when needed most.

…Thank you so much for helping me through this process! You not only provided sound legal advice, but great emotional support! I appreciate you making yourself available when needed most and for being so patient with me. Thank you! Thank you!


I am forever (and continually) appreciative of her guidance.

I am so grateful and appreciative to Dayn Holstrom and Leigh Collins for their assistance with my child custody dispute.Leigh has been absolutely phenomenal during this process, dealing with my frantic calls and emails every time my ex-husband pulls one of his many (and on-going) stunts. Leigh is a true professional and a valuable asset to your firm, I am forever (and continually) appreciative of her guidance and support through this very difficult and trying time. I can only imagine that she is as caring and diligent with all of your clients as she has been with me. Thank you for assigning Leigh to my case, she has made this process as easy and pleasant as possible for me.

N. Newman

Honest, aggressive and amazing!

Honest, aggressive and amazing! I had a bad divorce agreement with my ex-spouse that she was not living up to but was actually trying to make worse for me in terms of time with my kids and finances. I hired Dayn due to overwhelmingly positive reviews of his knowledge of the law and past successes. Dayn gave me a frank assessment of my situation, which was very difficult due to my bad decision to sign the earlier agreement. He and his team laid out a plan and tried to negotiate a fair settlement with the opposing side. They would not agree to a fair agreement and we had to go to court. Prior to court, Dayn explained the tricks the other side would try to pull and prepared me for what we could likely expect from the ruling. And then he won… on EVERYTHING. I can’t promise you that Dayn will win every case. I can promise you that there is no one better to have on your side than Dayn and his team.