Experienced Guidance in Family Law


Achieving Your Objectives in Divorce, Custody, and Other Critical Family Matters

Ending a marriage, defining a relationship, establishing family rights—transitions in your family often come along with legal challenges that require serious thought and attention to detail. The Certified Family Law Specialists and associates at Holstrom, Blocke & Parke, APLC are ready to protect the full range of your interests throughout these changes so that you emerge ready to move ahead.

Our Experience Works for You

Collectively, our team has over 300 years of experience finding the right family law solutions for couples who are resolving complex disputes in divorce, building a strong financial foundation for marriage through prenuptial agreements, and defining parental obligations. We have the knowledge to protect intricate financial interests, such as preserving a closely-held business or allocating commingled property or dividing executive compensation assets. We help families develop mutually beneficial parenting plans. Our team is effective in leading families to collaborative solutions out of court, but we also excel in strategic litigation to win your objectives in court. Experience matters when your future is on the line, and we have the experience to help you reach your goals efficiently.

How We Help

We know how California family laws are applied by judges. We won’t promise you results that are unrealistic based on those laws and the circumstances of your case. Instead, we will explain the situation, review your options, and help you make informed decisions. Then we work tenaciously to turn your goals into reality. For instance, one time a father sought our help because his ex-wife had accused him of using parental alienation tactics, and she was trying to take away his custody rights based on those allegations. Parental alienation destroys the relationship between a parent and child, so courts take these assertions very seriously. In this case, we not only demonstrated that the father had not engaged in parental alienation, we also proved to the judge that the mother’s own actions were to blame for her estranged relationship with her children. The court awarded full custody to our client.

Meeting Your Needs

Family law services tend to overlap because our lives are complex, and issues are intertwined. We have the knowledge and skill to help you gain the most advantageous outcome in matters such as:

  • Divorce—whether through litigation, mediation, or collaborative law
  • Protecting separate property and allocating marital property
  • Gaining the right custody and visitation plan for your family
  • Obtaining objectives for spousal support/alimony
  • Establishing the right child support obligations
  • Protecting victims of domestic violence and abuse
  • Developing pre- and postnuptial agreements to protect families and build a marriage founded on shared information
  • Establishing paternity and parental rights
  • Helping grandparents preserve relationships with their grandchildren

In addition to handling issues at the initial stage, we can also help if you want to modify an existing arrangement or need to enforce orders that your former spouse or the other parent is ignoring. We support your interests completely at all stages.

Learn More About the Ways We Can Help You Move Ahead

Don’t let fear hold you back from finding your best life. We can answer your questions and take the mystery out of family law so that you know what to expect as we put strategies into action to achieve your goals. Contact the experienced legal team at Holstrom, Block & Parke to schedule a confidential consultation to find out more about the ways we can assist.

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Their experience includes all types of family law matters, including: