Complex Divorce Litigation Lawyer

Advancing Your Interests in a Complicated Divorce

In the best of all possible worlds, couples who get divorced would share financial information, compromise to divide property fairly, and consider what’s best for their children before making custody demands. Someone may live in that perfect world, but most of us do not. And that means we need to fight effectively to get the right outcome in a complex divorce situation.

When a spouse acts unreasonably, divorce can get complicated and contentious in a hurry. At Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC, we know how to manage complex, difficult divorce situations. We know the right strategies to gain valuable information that puts us in a strong bargaining position during negotiations and allows us to persuade the judge in court. Being prepared to win at each step in the proceedings can make it easy to come out ahead in the end.

When Litigation is Right Approach

The divorce process itself becomes much more complex when issues are resolved through litigation in court rather than through mediation or collaborative sessions outside of court. Our team understands the benefits that cooperative approaches can provide in divorce, but with over 300 years of collective experience, we know that litigation is the only way to reach a resolution in many divorce cases.

Often, one spouse has a completely unrealistic expectation for the outcome of the process, and no amount of factual or legal reasoning will persuade them to accept a more reasonable solution. In some cases, mental illness or substance abuse prevents a spouse from making the decisions necessary to succeed with a cooperative divorce process. In other cases, one spouse may have a tendency to act like a bully, and the only way to reach a fair resolution is to let the attorneys place their arguments before the judge.

Recognizing When a Divorce Will Be Complex

Complications in divorce often center around financial issues, but they can also involve parenting issues or other unique circumstances. If you’re wondering whether your divorce would be considered complex, here are some factors that complicate divorce:

  • Running a business. Even if only one spouse is involved in the operations, at least some of the business is likely to be community property under California law, and that means it will be necessary to value and divide the business while working to ensure that it can continue to operate profitably.
  • Ownership of unique real estate. When couples own commercial property or luxury residential property, assessing the value accurately often requires specialized appraisals.
  • Demanding work schedules. If one or both spouses travel frequently or work long hours, developing an effective parenting plan can be a challenge.
  • Allegations of neglect, abuse, or alienation. When a parent alleges that the other parent deserves to have parental rights restricted or terminated, the level of scrutiny will become intense.

Of course, this is just a sample of some of the situations where divorce litigation becomes complex. If you suspect that you may be in for a fight, you should trust your instinct and prepare for a complicated court battle. If your attorneys are able to negotiate beneficial solutions before trial, you will be ahead, and if not, you’ll be ready for the ordeal.

Trust the Team at Holmstrom, Block & Parke to Protect You During Complex Divorce Litigation

Having the advice and support of the right legal team makes all the difference during a complex divorce. At Holmstrom, Block & Parke, our Board Certified Family Law Specialists know how to succeed in court, but we also know the importance of preparing and protecting our clients all through the lengthy process. We will be by your side every step of the way. We will educate you so that you can make informed choices, and we will never stop working to ensure the best outcome for your future.

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