Aggressive Family Law Attorneys Near Me

In a perfect world, issues associated with divorce, custody, and other family law matters would be settled amicably and reasonably around the conference table. For that to happen, however, both parties to a dispute must be willing to negotiate sensibly and recognize when their goals are not supported by the weight of legal opinion. Often, one spouse or parent behaves in a way that is neither reasonable nor amicable, and when that happens, you need aggressive representation to protect your interests and the wellbeing of your family. At Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC our legal team has over 300 years of collective experience resolving family law disputes through a wide array of means. We know when and how to take an aggressive approach without alienating the judge or getting swept into destructive emotional conflict. We can represent your interests zealously and advocate for your goals relentlessly without coming across as belligerent or unreasonable. In short, there is a fine line you need to walk when you take an aggressive approach to family law, and we walk that line with confidence.

Aggressive Approach vs. Aggressive Personality

It is important to understand the difference between aggressive advocacy and an aggressive personality. Some attorneys who come across as aggressive can rant and rave memorable style, but in the end they accomplish nothing. They are like a windstorm with no rain—they get your attention and can be very annoying, but they don’t bring the water you need to bring growth to your world. It is possible to take an aggressive approach to family law matters without a blustery personality. Aggressive advocacy requires prioritizing goals and understanding how to present persuasive arguments to achieve those goals. Our team excels at advocating powerfully and effectively while maintaining personal decorum and demonstrating proper respect for others involved in the case. Our aggressive approach is laced with diplomacy, so while we push hard for the results you want, we are able to de-escalate emotionally charged situations and prevent unproductive outbursts.

Benefits of Working with an Effective Aggressive Family Law Attorney

When you work with a family law attorney who knows how to advocate aggressively in an effective manner, you get an advocate who asserts your rights at every opportunity. You gain a champion who will fight for you and always have your back. This assertive approach can be particularly helpful when your spouse has hired an aggressive attorney. Trying to negotiate with a relaxed approach will not make much progress when the attorney across the table is focused on winning at all costs. Hiring your own aggressive attorney enables you to assert your rights when you face:
  • A narcissistic, manipulative former partner
  • Opposing counsel who takes a belligerent approach
  • A spouse or co-parent who refuses to cooperate
  • An abusive or bullying spouse
The issues at stake in a family law case are too important for you to give in to bullying tactics just to keep the peace. Instead, you need an aggressive attorney who can be assertive without being abrasive.

Potential Drawbacks of Working with an Aggressive Lawyer

There are many factors to be wary of when working with an aggressive lawyer, even when your attorney remains polite. Sometimes, an aggressive approach can get you thinking adversarially in a way that prevents you from seeing the right solutions for your future. If an aggressive attorney has you focused on protecting your rights and interests at all costs, you might not see the benefit that a compromise could bring to the situation. An aggressive approach can also damage relationships irreparably with your friends and family. Approaching issues from a win or lose perspective often leads people to say and do things they later regret. And of course, a poorly-planned aggressive approach or an aggressive attorney who is emotionally reactive can work against your interests, and leave you in a worse position than you would have been had you refused to advocate for yourself at all.

Our Family Law Specialists and Associates Understand How to Balance Aggressive Advocacy with Strategic Planning

At Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC we focus our efforts on supporting our clients’ best interests at all times. When it is necessary to take an assertive approach to secure important objectives, we know how to do so effectively. However, when it is time to step back and allow emotions to cool, we know that can often provide the most advantageous results in the long run. While we aggressively support your goals, we respect the needs of others and advocate with diplomacy to achieve lasting solutions. If you are looking for an aggressive family law attorney, we invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with our team so you can find out more about the ways we protect your rights and your future. Call Holstrom, Block & Parke APLC at 855-426-9111 or contact us online to get started.