High Conflict Divorce Lawyers Near Me

Effective Advocacy for Custody Battles, Property Disputes, and More

When your spouse is not willing to share information and cooperate during the divorce process, their combative behavior adds a layer of complexity that requires strategic planning and execution to protect your interests. It’s considered a high conflict divorce.

The divorce team at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC has 300 years of combined experience managing the factors that complicate high conflict divorce situations, and we know how to efficiently resolve disputes and advocate to secure clients’ goals throughout the process.

While a high conflict situation generally requires litigation, with skilled negotiation it is often possible to reach agreements outside of court that can save resources and reduce stress. Our team excels at overcoming the challenges to reach advantageous results in high conflict divorce scenarios.

Factors That Escalate Conflict in Family Law

A divorce or other family law matter can turn into a high-conflict case when one party adopts a stubborn, uncooperative attitude. This can be due to personality traits, or a dispute over an issue that triggers such a strong emotional response that logical reasoning has no influence. The thought of losing custody of a child can push some parents into a frantic emotional state where they will attempt anything to keep from losing, even if all they do through their actions is delay the process.

Sometimes a high conflict divorce involves an argumentative spouse who never believes they are wrong. Other times, a spouse pretends to cooperate while hiding assets and information, so the conflict is caused by subterfuge rather than open argumentation.

Our team understands how to recognize the factors causing conflict in a divorce and the strategies to cut through the unproductive emotional tangle and unveil the fraud. We know how to manage overbearing personalities and how to outmaneuver deceptive efforts so we can achieve the results you deserve while preserving your peace of mind.

Protecting Children in a High Conflict Custody Battle

One of the biggest concerns parents often struggle with in a high conflict custody case is the effect the process will have on their children. Evidence shows that divorce is a traumatic event for children even in the best of circumstances. If you are concerned that your spouse is going to start making allegations of abuse and engage in tactics to turn your child against you, it is only natural to be worried that the process is going to be emotionally damaging and the outcome will leave your children in a vulnerable position.

At Holstrom, Block & Parke, we are dedicated to protecting children and families. We draw on our combined experience to develop the best strategies to reach your objectives for custody and child support so that you can care for your children the way you should. At the same time, during the divorce process, we strive to keep conflict isolated to a private conference room when possible, and keep your children from being drawn into disputes.

If you have any suspicions that parental alienation tactics may be used against you or your spouse falsely accuses you of parental alienation, this can have very serious ramifications for your case and your relationship with your children. We are prepared to act quickly to get matters under control.

Strategies to Rise Above the Conflict

Whether a high conflict divorce involves dramatic emotional displays, exaggerated legal wrangling, or unscrupulous attempts to gain an advantage, the strategic outlook and battle-tested tactics of an experienced high conflict family law attorney can help you overcome the difficulties. Our experienced team focuses on winning your objectives rather than reacting to dramatic outbursts. We know how to keep a case moving forward despite attempts to delay the process.

If your spouse is refusing to provide information, we know how to pursue other avenues to gain what we need through the discovery process or independent investigation. A thoughtful, planned approach is the key to success in a high conflict divorce, and we have the knowledge, skill, and determination to keep your matters on track toward resolution.

Holstrom, Block & Parke Protects Your Interests in High Conflict Family Law

Bullies often inflate conflict to discourage reasonable people and force them to give in to preserve harmony. But the issues at stake in divorce, custody, and support are too important to allow that to happen. Instead, you need to work with an experienced legal team who knows how to succeed in high conflict family law matters.

At Holstrom, Block & Parke, protect your interests from start to finish, working to insulate your family relationships from unnecessary conflict while gaining the terms you need to move forward to a better life ahead. Schedule a confidential consultation today to get started.