Does Divorce Make You Happy?

Most people that are in a bad marriage believe they have only two choices:

  1. Stay married and continue to be miserable
  2. Get a divorce and be happy.

A recent study conducted at the University of Chicago found no evidence that unhappily married couples who divorced were happier than unhappily married people who stayed married. In addition, the study showed that two-thirds of unhappily married spouses who stayed married reported that their marriages were happy five years later.

The study used approximately 5,000 married adults – about 650 reported being unhappily married. Five years later, some of the people had divorced or separated, and some were still married.

The bottom line – divorce didn’t reduce symptoms of depression, raise self-esteem, or increase a sense of mastery. So, why doesn’t divorce typically make adults happier? Even though divorce usually eliminates some stresses and potential harm, divorce may very well create others as well.

The decision to divorce sets in motion a large number of events over which an individual has little control. These events, including the response of one’s spouse to divorce, the reactions of your children, and finances, most likely will affect his or her emotional well-being.

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