Can I get an Inexpensive Divorce?

Marriage is still very popular today, but sadly so is divorce. Half of all marriages end in divorce today.

Anyone who has had to pay for the wedding and/or the divorce knows it can be pretty expensive.

You have alternatives to keeping the costs down. You can use a trained mediator who will draw up a proposed divorce settlement which you can take to a lawyer to check out for you. Or, you can do virtually everything yourself. You and your spouse can draw up an agreement, which can be looked over by a lawyer before submitting to the court.

All in all, working with a lawyer could be the best way for you to proceed with your divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer who cares about your welfare may help you win the best possible settlement. However, not every divorce is the same. If you and your spouse have a reasonable relationship despite opting for divorce and you are able to communicate with one another, you could significantly reduce the cost of your divorce.

In addition, aside from lawyer fees, time in court is also costly.

In many instances each spouse hires a lawyer who goes after the other person. They may dig up dirt on you and paint you as a very bad person. They use vindictive behavior to win their case. Not all lawyers are like that. Some aim to achieve the best result for their client without attacking their opponent’s client. These lawyers can be much cheaper because they spend less time attacking and more time negotiating.

By following these tips, you, too, can keep the costs down in your divorce:

  • If at all possible, aim for an uncontested divorce
  • Prepare and spend time making your case
  • Avoid litigation completely
  • Keep the lines of communication open, even if it requires a third party to help do so
  • Make a financial check list, including bank accounts, pension plans, medical insurance, financial investments, assets, debts, etc.

Your divorce can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it. No one wants to add a huge bill to the trauma of a divorce proceeding.

An experienced divorce lawyer could be the best way to handle your divorce,schedule a consultation today, and get all your questions answer, an a walk through of the entire divorce process.

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