Divorcing in Your 20's

Our grandparents got married when they were 18, but that doesn’t mean we should. In fact, studies show that the sooner you get married, the more likely it is you’re headed for divorce. Married at 22 and divorced at 28 is an all too common scenario. And while that may seem awful, we’re sure you’ll learn a lot about yourself in that rollercoaster of a decade.

Susie Moore was divorced in her 20’s and she recently shared the following things that experience taught her:

  1. There are no mistakes. Every experience is just that—an experience. And they’re all opportunities to learn and grow. Don’t regret your first marriage- learn from it.
  2. Follow your heart. You’ll learn that following your heart, which told you this marriage won’t last forever and ending the marriage, was the smartest decision you could’ve made. Continue down that track and let your heart guide you to make the right decisions in love.
  3. The ending can still be happy. A divorce doesn’t have to be horribly bitter and dramatic, leaving you with an enemy for an ex. In fact, divorce can be fairly easy and not leave you feeling empty and lost. Shoot for that.
  4. You can always start over. Don’t take another marriage lightly, or any major decision for that matter… but realize that this life is yours to life and you can hit the re-do button almost always if you decide to.
  5. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. You might think you were a close to perfect husband or wife, but an early divorce and a chance to re-marry will teach you just how much better you could’ve been. Don’t beat yourself up for it, but learn and grow from that experience. It will help your next relationship be that much stronger.

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