Your Divorce- Your Behavior

When someone is facing difficult questions like, “Should I get a divorce?” or “How should I behave around my children during the process?” he or she will undoubtedly feel immense anxiety and apprehension.

It is tough to answer these types of questions, not only because these questions are emotionally challenging, but also because it is hard to make decisions when you have limited knowledge of what a divorce entails.

Going through a divorce is not an easy time for the couple, but it can also be especially tough for the children.

If you love your children, avoid involving them in your divorce issues or custody disputes. No matter how angry or upset you are with your former partner, here are some helpful tips to remember when dealing with your children:

  • Never poison your children’s minds against the other parent by discussing his or her shortcomings.
  • Continuing anger toward your former spouse can injure your children far more than the divorce itself.
  • Never engage in conflict with your former spouse in the presence of your children.
  • Assure your children they are not to blame for the breakup.
  • Do not force your children to take sides or get between the two of you.
  • Be direct and honest in telling your children what is happening and why.
  • Your children need consistent control and direction.
  • Encourage your children to spend time with their other parent.
  • Never refuse an opportunity to see or spend time with your children.
  • Do not interfere with your former spouse’s plans with the children.
  • Never miss an important date – birthday, Christmas, graduation, school events
  • Be prompt in paying child support as ordered
  • Think first of your children’s present and future emotional and mental well-being before acting.

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