Custody Evaluation Process

Bickering between spouses during a divorce is common, and also not being able to reach an agreement. If you and your former spouse let your emotions get the best of you and are unable to reach a custody agreement, you may need to order a custody evaluation.

A custody evaluation is a process where a mental health professional, could be a psychologist, evaluates the spouse, the children, and the former spouse to create a custody and visitation recommendation to the court. However, depending on where you live, custody evaluations can get really expensive. Some evaluations can cost up to several thousands of dollars, however some courts have lower-cost alternatives. Although the court usually orders this evaluation, the couple that is divorcing is usually the required couple left to cover the costs.

The process of a custody evaluation process can be simply. An evaluator is simply working to make a determination of what are in the best interests for the child. So after that simple objective, the steps from there can get a little bit tedious. The mental health professional conducts about 2-3 interviews with both the parents

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