To Keep my Divorce Attorney, or to Find a New One

Finding the right lawyer for you during a divorce is so important. You need someone you can depend on, and someone who understands your goals. This can be a difficult search, and if you find that this lawyer is not what you expected, finding a new one can be even more difficult.

If possible you should stay with one attorney throughout the entire divorce proceedings. Changing lawyers can be costly in time, stress, and money. Nevertheless, if you discover that this person is not dependable, nor trustworthy, get a new lawyer.

Here are some tell-tale signs that perhaps this attorney is not the best one for you are:

  1. Gives you cookie cutter answers – such as, “This is the way it’s done”, or “Oh, they always do that.” These answers exemplify a lawyer who is not interested in your case; he/she is just out for the money.
  2. Takes no responsibility – Constantly blames others when things go wrong. You might hear, “That was not my doing, somebody else made a mistake. You want a problem solver, not an arrogant pass –the-bucker.
  3. Neglectful – Hard to get on the phone, or email not returned in a timely manner. You will be left in the cold, not knowing what is going on.
  4. Deceitful – If he/she gives you pie in the sky adages, such as, everything will be great. Especially if you know that is not true. They are just trying to appease you, not please you.

You are going through enough; you need a lawyer on your side. If you notice these signs from your attorney, find another one.

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