Before You Remarry

Most people are a little reluctant to start dating post-divorce or separation. A divorce is usually the hardest kind of breakup, and getting attached again doesn’t always seem appealing. But once you get over that, most people date again.

But now you’ve been dating for a couple years and thinking of remarrying. And yes, you’re probably terrified. It didn’t work once, how will it work this time? HuffPost’s readers shared their ideas regarding how you know you can remarry.

See what they think you need to ask yourself:

  1. Have red flags popped up? If they have, don’t ignore them. Figure out why they’re apparent and if they’ll be deal breakers.
  2. Does your partner have negative relationship patterns? If he/she has been divorced several times, what’s changed now to make sure it won’t happen again?
  3. Am I marrying for love and a lifetime of happiness or because it’s simply the next step in the relationship?
  4. Do I want my child to grow up and be like the person I’m marrying?
  5. Do my future spouse and I have the same expectations for this marriage?
  6. Does this person accept me exactly the way I am or will I need to change things about myself to make this marriage work?

No one wants more than one divorce. Figure out why your first marriage didn’t work, and do everything possible before saying “I do” a second time to make sure it’s the last time you’ll say it.

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