Calculating Child Support and Health Care Coverage

Child support is not just handed out without a process in the Corona family law sector. There are guidelines on how to calculate child support and what the non-custodial parent and custodial parent are responsible for when it comes to their minor child’s overall care and well-being.

Three Common Factors of Calculating Child Support

  • The number of minor (or incapacitated/disabled dependent) children that require financial support.
  • The amount of quality parenting time each of the parents will have with the children.
  • The disposable income of each parent, which is not taken from your gross income, but instead takes into account various financial considerations as well.

These three factors are not the only ones used to calculate child support in Corona, California, but they are the primary factors that impact the amount of child support for the eligible children.

One of the goals of the process is to ensure that when there are multiple children, the allocation goes according to the youngest to the oldest respectively. The initial amount is often allocated to the youngest child and would be equal to what the custodial parent might get if they only had one child. Subsequent amounts for multiple children are adjusted accordingly and are less than the initial amount.

The actual calculation is not as important as the amount paid and received for the care of the children. As a matter of fact, the Corona Family Court can alter the allocation of support depending on the circumstances. The parents can also have the allocation altered when they are in agreement.

Child Support Laws Require Health Insurance for Children

Besides financial child support, the parents are also required by the California child support mandate, to carry health coverage for their children. It is known as medical support. This is another factor that can raise or lower the support amount.

The guidelines are designed so that the insurance amount won’t go over five percent of the gross income of the parent who is carrying it. The parent who pays for the health insurance coverage gets to use the amount as a deduction on the child support worksheet and is part of the calculation.

What that means is that the amount of actual financial child support will be lowered since the court considers both incomes, therefore both parents are essentially paying for the health coverage regardless of which one carries it.

Child support is a complex and detailed process even with the strict calculation guidelines in place. The parents can agree upon an amount or the court may adjust the amount according to the situation.

Regardless of your situation, you need to hire a Corona divorce attorney to help you come to an agreement or help settle things in the courtroom. Ideally, the goal is for both parties to come to a reasonable agreement about child support, but that is not always possible. If litigation is necessary, you will be pleased that you chose an attorney whether you pay or receive child support.

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