How To End A Marriage

Telling your spouse that you want a divorce, for most people, is easily one of the most terrifying things they’ll ever do. If you’ve been in that position, you may recall the need to be sick or the complete lack for words. If you’re wondering what to say and how to say it… this article is for you. Psychotherapist Abby Rodman outlines for HuffPost Divorce several ways you can end the relationship.

We’ve summarized her thoughts below:

  • If you’ve been staying married for his/her sake: remind him/her that making a clean break is everyone’s best chance at finding true happiness and love.
  • If your spouse has no idea you’re thinking of ending the marriage, apologize for not being open about your feelings. Realize he/she knows you’ve been distant and it’s time to explain why. Explain that poor communication is just one reason the marriage isn’t working.
  • If you’ve screwed up, own it. Tell her she’s been a wonderful spouse and you know that you screwed up. You may have done it because of the relationship issues but you realize that’s no excuse. Regardless of how sorry you are, you think it’s best for both of you to part ways.
  • If your partner is going to freak out and be emotionally unstable, preface the fact that it’s taken you a while to tell him because you know it won’t be easy. But regardless of his feelings, you need to do what’s best for both of you and you know he’ll recover and move on in time.

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