I'm the father; how do I prove it?

Your girlfriend just gave birth to a little boy. She says he isn’t yours, but he looks exactly as you did when you were born, according to your mother.

Establishing parentage through paternity action is in the best interest of the child’s physical and emotional well-being. Once you are identified as this little boy’s daddy, he will receive the benefits of child support from both parents.

Paternity can also establish a parent child relationship, which paves the way for a father to exercise his parental rights and be granted visitation. He will receive the love and attention a little boy deserves from his daddy.

However, not all paternity suits mean that the man is the actual father. It wasn’t that long ago that NBA star Michael Jordan was accused of being the biological father to a now 16-year old boy. For unknown reasons, after the woman asked the court to order a DNA test, she dismissed the case against him.

Many times a man is falsely accused of being the father of a child. Then there are times when the woman wants the man out of her life and insists the child isn’t his.

If you believe you fathered a child and you want to be part of his or her life, it is always best to retain a skilled Orange County Family Law attorney who has experience in paternity matters. A father’s active role in his child’s life is equally as important as a mother’s.

Call the Holstrom Family Law offices today. Whether you are concerned about preserving your visitation rights or have questions on establishing paternity, we can guide you through the necessary steps to achieve your goals. At the end of the day, it is the best interest of the child that needs to be remembered.

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