How long does a divorce take?


People hear misconceptions like, "Your divorce is going to be over in six months." Now, there's a kernel of truth to that. The kernel of truth is the soonest you can be divorced in California is six months and one day after the other side is served with the petition for divorce and the summons. If you're talking about finishing your divorce, you're talking about custody, you're talking about property division, you’re talking about support. Now we have to, unfortunately, look at the practicalities and the realities of today's society.

There are four people that dictate how long your case takes, and how much it costs. You, your ex-spouse, and each of your attorneys. All it takes is one of those people to make the case longer, more emotional, more hostile, and more expensive. The most important thing you need besides having a good advocate, is an attorney that will help you stay on task, make good compromises, and good decisions about when and how to litigate.

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