Uncovering Hidden Assets in a California Divorce

It is an unfortunate fact of divorce in California that sometimes a spouse will try to deliberately hide assets so they can gain an unfair advantage. In other cases, spouses  will forget about assets or have difficulty locating them.

In any of these situations, it is helpful to call on a divorce attorney with experience uncovering hidden assets. At Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC we work tirelessly to identify hidden assets and ensure you receive the right share of property in your divorce.

What are Hidden Assets?

Hidden assets refer to any property or financial resources that one spouse does not disclose during a divorce. This can range from secret bank accounts to undisclosed real estate investments or even valuable personal items. Unfortunately, some individuals attempt to obscure these assets to influence the division of property in their favor, which is why you need vigilant representation.

Types of hidden assets vary broadly, spanning from  clandestine cash hoards to concealed business interests. They may include undisclosed life insurance policies, investments in cryptocurrency, or foreign holdings. Additionally, phantom income from a business, artwork, antiques, or any high-value collections kept secret are also regarded as hidden assets. When a spouse operates a business, they have opportunities to hide assets by paying salary to nonexistent employees, making payments that are later reversed, and a variety of other tactics.

California's Stance on Hidden Assets

In California’s community property laws, assets accumulated during the marriage are deemed to be jointly held, regardless of who acquired them. This extends beyond apparent assets such as your residence or vehicles to include salary, investments, retirement funds, business interests, and more.

Efforts to achieve a fair division of property fail when a spouse chooses to covertly squirrel away assets. However, if the attempt at hiding assets is revealed to the court, judges can require that spouse to make restitution and there could be other legal consequences as well.

How We Can Help Uncover Hidden Assets

The experienced team at Holstrom, Block & Parke knows how to uncover attempts to hide assets to ensure a fair distribution of property. We investigate transactions, dig up records, and scrutinize everything to determine if assets are missing from accounts, and to locate and value those assets.

We work with seasoned professionals, including forensic accountants, expert property appraisers, and other niche specialists, to delve into the complexities of your marital estate. Our approach is meticulous; we trace the monetary path, scrutinize every inconsistency, and question each inexplicable transaction to secure a just settlement that truly reflects your entitlements.

Holstrom, Block & Parke Can Help You Get the Assets You Deserve in Divorce

If you suspect your spouse may be trying to conceal assets during your divorce proceedings in California, you need to protect yourself. The sooner you act, the easier it may be to uncover hidden funds or other property.

We have the knowledge and experience to help. Reach out to us at Holstrom, Block & Parke today at (855) 939-9111 or contact us online to set up a consultation with a divorce attorney skilled at locating hidden assets and protecting your property interests.


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