Child Custody Modifications

Agreeable to both parents and is acceptable to the court

Modifying Child Custody in Southern CA

Updating Your Custody Arrangement

Arriving at a child custody arrangement that is agreeable to both parents and is acceptable to the court is a great challenge as custody is one of the most highly-contested issues in a divorce. Furthermore, child custody issues are the most common matters that are brought back to court in the years following a divorce.

The reality is this: life progresses and circumstances change in the years after a divorce. That means custody arrangements can become irrelevant and difficult to maintain. If significant changes in the lives of you, your co-parent, or your children have affected the rationality of your arrangement, the Southern California child custody lawyers at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC can help you to modify your agreement.

When Can Child Custody Be Modified?

Changing or modifying a custody agreement after the final order can be just as challenging as the initial agreement. Judges typically do not favor changes to a child’s established routines and lifestyle patterns, so good reason will need to be provided. A family court will want to see evidence that a modification is in the child’s best interest.

Parents bring actions to modify child custody when certain reasons arise:

  • One parent relocating for job or remarriage
  • If your child reaches the age of majority or enters college
  • Allegations of domestic abuse
  • Change in parental fitness (ex: abuse of alcohol)
  • The child expresses a wish for change