Mediation vs. Litigation: Child Support

Unlike other family law issues, child support orders tend to be fairly straightforward.

Over time circumstances may change and child support may need to be modified. The parent requesting the modification may choose to pursue litigation or mediation. Which is the right process for you?

Mediating Child Support Orders

If both parents are open to the need for modification and don’t anticipate any problems, mediation may be an excellent choice for resolving this issue. Mediation is using the services of a neutral third party whose purpose is to help both spouses reach an agreement.

Pros include:

  • less costly
  • less emotionally draining
  • moves more quickly
  • you have more control over outcome

Cons include:

  • both parties must agree to all terms and conditions
  • if agreement cannot be reached, you will have to go through litigation

Litigating Child Support Orders

However, if the issue is going to be contested by the other party, litigation is the road to take. Litigation is the process of taking your case to court.

Pros include:

  • if you are not satisfied with outcome, you can appeal the case
  • may be a better option when emotional or physical abuse is involved

Cons include:

  • litigation can become very expensive
  • the case could last for many months, even years
  • litigation can further strain a relationship, causing resentment

To further understand the pros and cons of mediation and litigation and to determine what is right for you, contact a knowledgeable family law attorney at Holstrom, Block & Parke who can guide you through the process in fair and focused ways.

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