Equal Rights for Both Parents

Our lawyers are part of the premier law firm in the Pomona area known for representing equally both the mother and the father in child custody proceedings. We protect your rights under the law.

We understand that dads are often slighted in the eyes of the court. In fact men in general have been hurt because the family law system has leaned in favor of women. In cases of divorce, property settlement, alimony, and child custody, the scales of justice have unfortunately been heavier toward the female side.

Vast experience in the courtroom dynamics has taught us that men often come to court less prepared than their spouses. Women have usually spent more time discussing the situation with their family law attorneys, and are more aware of the situation.

We understand that the concerns of moms and dads are often different. If you are concerned about your separation, divorce, property rights, or child custody, see us.

We know that our male clients have equal protection under the law, and we make sure you get it.

Start now taking care of your children. You will need to show the court that you are capable of providing the daily care needed for your children to be happy and healthy. Some of the responsibilities you need to take are:

  • Spending time with your child/children
  • Keeping them clean (bathe, brush teeth, clean clothes)
  • Homework help
  • Attending events (sports, performances, Open House at school)
  • Take them to school on time

Of course we represent women as well as men in all Family Law cases: abuse, divorce, issuing orders of restraint, property settlement, and child custody.

Our goal is not to favor either the mom or the dad, but to support our client and give him/her the best legal advice possible. We are here to protect you and your rights.

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