What Does A Family Lawyer Do In California?

If you’re struggling with a family problem, someone may have recommended that you talk to a family lawyer. Or you may have a legal problem and wonder whether a family law attorney is best suited to meet your needs.

When you find yourself grappling with family issues that would benefit from legal guidance, a family lawyer in California can be your trusted partner. The Certified Family Law Specialists at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC offer a range of services to provide solutions and smooth transitions during turbulent times. Here we explore some of the many issues a family lawyer can help with in California.

Guidance and Protection During Divorce Procedures

A significant part of a family lawyer’s role involves guiding individuals through all stages of the divorce process. We assist in divorce preparation, filing divorce petitions, helping you understand your rights, and the most strategic way to approach asset division.

Beyond this, we aid in resolving disputes amicably and can help negotiate terms that favor you, creating a pathway to a smoother life going forward. The goal is to protect your interests and to ensure that the proceedings are fair and equitable, with a focus on establishing an advantageous foundation for your future.

Child Custody and Support in California

A central concern for parents who are separating or who never married is safeguarding the well-being of their children while establishing beneficial arrangements for custody and support. We negotiate and draft agreements for child custody and support designed to further your objectives while still prioritizing the best interests of your child.

We aim to develop arrangements that foster stability and nurturing environments for children with support obligations that fairly reflect financial needs and resources. Offering guidance through this emotionally charged process, we strive to achieve resolutions that stand the test of time and support your child's growth and development.

Spousal Support Negotiations in California

For many divorcing couples, a lesser-earning spouse needs support payments, at least on a temporary basis. We assist in evaluating the financial circumstances of both parties to establish fair spousal support agreements.

Whether you are seeking support or responding to a request to pay support, we focus on securing your financial stability. Additionally, we help with requests to modify existing support orders to reflect current financial circumstances, ensuring a fair and just arrangement that recognizes the economic realities of both parties.

Handling Pre and Postnuptial Agreements in California

Prior to getting married, couples can benefit from the exploration of the financial aspects of their union that is part of the process of creating a prenuptial agreement. This process requires couples to address financial issues they might avoid and which can lead to significant conflict later. We guide couples through the discussion of their financial situation and develop agreements to protect their family and business arrangements.

We also create postnuptial agreements after marriage to address changing circumstances or to clarify existing agreements. Our experienced team ensures that agreements are comprehensive and that they comply with California laws to avoid any future disputes.

Managing Complex Asset Division

Divorce entails a meticulous classification and division of assets, and this can prove challenging when holdings include executive compensation packages, unusual retirement benefits, closely-held businesses, commercial real estate, and other complex assets.

We understand the intricate issues involved in complex asset division, with a keen eye for details that might be overlooked. Aiming to secure a favorable outcome that respects your contributions and rights within the marriage, we strategize to reach a settlement that safeguards your financial future.

Assisting with Domestic Violence Cases in California

Our knowledgeable and empathetic attorneys assist victims of domestic violence, helping them secure the necessary legal protections through restraining orders and other legal avenues.

However, we know that statements and situations can be taken out of context, and we staunchly defend individuals wrongly accused of domestic violence, defending their rights and working to reach a positive outcome for the future.

California Family Law Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Many couples enjoy the benefits that follow when they resolve their disputes cooperatively through mediation or collaborative divorce rather than traditional litigation. We facilitate this process, helping parties find common ground and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions that usually meet their needs much better than a decision handed down by a judge.

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