Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

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Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

Newport Beach Divorce Attorneys

Are you worried about getting caught up in a heated, complicated, and stressful divorce? While this may seem like the norm, it is not the only way a marriage can come to an end. Talk to our Newport Beach divorce lawyers at Holstrom, Block & Parke, a Professional Law Corporation, about mediation and collaborative law in California. With our assistance, you may find that working together with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is less an ideal and more a reality.

Understanding & Utilizing Mediation

California Evidence Code Section 1115-1128 states:

  • "Mediation means a process in which a neutral person or persons facilitate communication between the disputants to assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.”

Mediation is centered on finding amicable solutions with the help of a neutral third-party mediator. When it comes to mediation, both parties can hire their own attorney, which is useful when one party is not as familiar with the financial or other complex matters involved, or one attorney can represent both parties, which is generally the cheaper option. This is meant to eliminate or reduce the chances of someone acting overly selfish and derailing the divorce process.

Some important matters to cover in mediation and collaborative divorce include:

Collaborative Law for Communicative Solutions

Mediation is undoubtedly useful but there is still the feeling of competition. Collaborative law, as it is outlined in California Family Code Section 2010-2013, is best used when it is clear that cooperation will be possible between both spouses. As our Newport Beach divorce lawyers can attest, not all divorces involve two warring parties, and so collaboration is a distinct possibility. At the beginning of a collaborative divorce, both spouses agree to avoid litigation and exercise total transparency when divulging information regarding their assets, liability, parentage, and so forth. If successful, a collaborative divorce will only require the attention of a family law court once – when the divorce papers are made official and final.

We Help You Avoid Needless Stress

Our family law attorneys in Newport Beach always keep amicability and peaceful conclusions at the forefront of the cases we handle. If there is a chance that you and your spouse can end your marriage without confrontation, we would love to talk to you about mediation and collaborative divorce. Contact our team online to learn more about these unique processes and if they could work for you.