Best interests of the children vs. any harm that may result

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Divorce, Child Custody, And Relocation Of Your Family

New jobs, remarriage, and child activities may require that a parent relocating to a different city or state. The relocation of a custodial parent is a complicated matter and is not just a simple change of address. It is required to give the non-custodial parent ample notification of the intent to relocate and the reasons for relocation, providing them with the right to object.

The Impact of Relocation on the Non-Custodial Parent

Any custodial parent considering a move must consider the impact of the move on the other parent, especially if he/ she has visitation rights. In California, parental relocation or move away orders are covered by child custody laws. There is no set stipulation on how cases like these are handled, as every case is subject to unique factors.

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The Impact of Moving Away on Your Children

No family court can prevent a parent from moving, but they can prevent a child from moving. This is especially true when that child is covered by a parenting plan or other custody order. If you are the custodial parent and have a court-ordered agreement with the non-custodial parent, consult a parental relocation attorney to explore your options.

If you are a non-custodial parent and you wish to move, you may end up forfeiting your visitation rights. You need to contact an attorney to make sure your rights are not lost. It is possible for your parenting plan to be modified to accommodate your move; our Riverside relocation lawyers can help you find the best strategy to continue your relationship with your child.

Aggressively Pursuing Your Family Law Goals

It is important to examine the existing child custody and visitation plan and determine what roles each parent plays in the child’s life. If two parents are equally sharing custody, the parent wishing to relocate may not be able to take the child with him or her. Parental relocation can greatly impact a child’s future and relationships. Talk to our skilled family law attorneys in Riverside if you are considering moving away or you are opposed to your child’s relocation.

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