Post-Decree Enforcement

Are your divorce orders are not being honored?

Post-Decree Enforcement

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Divorce agreements and court orders establish the responsibilities and obligations of former spouses after their marriage has been legally dissolved. These often include details about child custody and parenting time arrangements, as well as orders for child or spousal support. When one party fails to meet these obligations, it is best to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer about your legal rights and options.

Holstrom, Block & Parke, a Professional Law Corporation, has worked with many clients across Southern California in a range of family law matters, including those in which court orders needed to be enforced. Whether issues with complying with a court post-divorce agreement result from changes in circumstances or conflict between spouses, it becomes important to address them with the assistance of an attorney to ensure the appropriate steps are taken.

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Enforcing Family Law Orders

Our legal team has the experience and resources to address a range of post-decree enforcement matters. These include:

  • Child Custody / Visitation – If your custody or visitation rights are not being honored by the other parent, you can seek a resolution through negotiation or ask the court and law enforcement to intervene.
  • Support Enforcement – Enforcement of child support or spousal support can be a challenging matter, but our team can help you explore your options for enforcement and how we can leverage legal tools to resolve issues, including demand letters, wage garnishment, levies, and suspension of a driver’s license or passport, among others.
  • Modifications – In some cases, the inability to comply with a court order results from a substantial change in circumstance, such as job loss or an unforeseen injury. Modifications may be an option for amending divorce agreements to reflect the new circumstances. Additionally, modifications may also be necessary for custody and visitation when parents fail to comply.

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