Child Custody

Were you denied child custody or visitation rights?

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Protecting Your Parental Rights

The determination of child custody during a divorce is meaningful for all parties involved, especially the child. The attorneys at Holstrom, Block & Parke, a Professional Law Corporation, in Temecula are skilled in the art of child custody mediation and negotiation. Our goal is to see that your needs are met, but more importantly that your child’s best interests are preserved.

Family law requires divorcing parents to attend mediation if both are seeking custody. Through this process, the parents are given a platform to discuss their concerns and goals. The mediator acts as a neutral party who keeps the conversation productive. Mediation allows both parties to craft a parenting agreement that is mutually beneficial—however, it is highly recommended to have a lawyer involved. Having an experienced lawyer on hand keeps the focus on your objectives and the needs of your children.

What Is Custody in California?

Custody involves far more than where the child lives. California offers many custodial options to parents. The child may stay with one parent a majority of the time, or even spend an equal amount of time with both parents. Ultimately, the state requires that parents settle on the topics of physical custody and legal custody, two very different concerns. The parent with physical custody is the person who lives with the child most of the time.

Even in a 50-50 split, someone must be named the physical custodian. That parent, for example, would then be the one who is listed on all educational and medical documentation.

Legal custody is more obtuse, as it determines who is able to make legal decisions about the child’s life. This gives that parent the right to choose what school the child attends, what medical treatments they receive, and what religious upbringing they have. Legal custody may be shared equally by both parents. Barring a record of domestic violence, courts favor arrangements of shared custody and assume that the involvement of both parents is beneficial to a child.

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