Protecting Kids From Combative Ex

Many people believe that a divorce will end the issues they had in their marriage and life will become easy. Unfortunately, many of those issues are still around if you’re co-parenting and many other issues car arise from trying to deal with your ex. If you’re dealing with a combative ex, you’re going to face challenges. But psychologist Sherrie Campbell offers these tips to deal with the situation:

  1. Brief Communication: keep your conversations with him/her factual and brief. Be thorough enough to communicate what you need to, but don’t be superficial or emotional.
  2. Don’t talk finances. Eliminate money talk with your children altogether. They don’t need to know those details and there’s rarely anything they can do about it, so keep that stress above their heads.
  3. Privacy: try to communicate via email. Keep your lives separate and keep your children away from someone that may be emotionally harmful to them.
  4. Respecting schedules: stick to the custodial schedule. Try not to switch weekends or ask your ex for a “favor.” You don’t want to owe him/her anything and you want your kids to have consistency.
  5. Remove tension for the kids: If you and your ex can’t be in the same room without drama, don’t go. Or figure out a way to support your kids to the best of your ability without high-tension environments.
  6. You do you. Worry about your own life and let your ex be free to live as he/she wishes. Mind your own business but mindful or your child’s emotions.

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