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Let’s preface this post by saying that our attorneys do absolutely everything in their power to make sure our clients make zero mistakes when it comes to divorce. But with or without an attorney, people make mistakes. Let’s take a look specifically at the mistakes females make most often, according to HuffPost Divorce.

  1. Financially clueless. There could be a mountain of debt or a mountain or riches and some wives have no idea. It’s very difficult to start the divorce process without an accurate understanding of your family’s finances.
  2. “Getting started” cash. If you’re financially dependent, you can request “temporary maintenance” to cover divorce expenses. But you’ll need cash before you receive that money. Don’t try to start the process empty handed.
  3. Not using an attorney. We could write books on the countless ways that you can truly negatively affect the rest of your life due to ignorance in or out of the courtroom. Unless you have a law degree, don’t think that you’ll know how to divorce someone.
  4. Reacting emotionally. It’s rarely the answer. Stay calm, think rationally, and ask your attorney what the best way to handle the current situation is.
  5. Settling too soon. Reaching a settlement isn’t always a bad idea, but far too many women hate the divorce process, want it to be over, and settle too soon. This leads to them not earning nearly what they should have. Women need to be financially secure for their future, and for their children. Settle when your attorney tells you it’s time.

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