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The very last thing you want to deal with throughout a divorce process is an incompetent Family Law attorney. Believe it or not, we see clients daily who’ve tried countless other attorneys in Riverside, Corona, or Orange County. In fact, we’ve known people who have gone through ten attorneys before settling on one that truly had their best interest in mind and delivered what needed to be done.

So how do you know it’s time to find a new divorce attorney? Here are the red flags:

  • Delegation: It’s a good term when it comes to business, but you want an attorney who is doing the work him/herself. Attorneys who consistently pass off work to other attorneys, or who try to get your spouse’s attorney to do the work, aren’t nearly as invested as they should be.
  • Forgetful: You’re allowed to forget small details, because divorce is not your job. But you ARE paying your attorney to not forget little details, because they can be extremely important in a case. If your attorney blames you for not reminding him, isn’t sure if you sent in court documents, isn’t sure how long billable hours truly last.
  • Thorough: Your divorce attorney should be organized, filling you in every step of the way. If you ever feel out of the loop, move on.

Respect: He/she needs to respect your individual needs and your situation. If you feel like your attorney is simply going through the motions as he always does, your paying way too much for that time of laziness.

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