Custody Of Special Needs Children

What If My Child Has Special Needs?

Going through a child custody fight is a battle in and of itself. That battle is only intensified when the child has physical impairments, cognitive deficits or other challenges. A special needs child may require additional financial support, and meeting the child’s various needs can be a significant burden for parents.

There are many issues with a special needs child that are just not a factor in a typical custody battle. Access to any special medical care or child care resources must be taken into consideration, as well as the functionality of the child. Another point that will need to be considered is time. Managing a child with special needs can be very demanding and will require more time and resources from parents. The court will need to weigh all of these issues before determining custody.

Our Riverside Family Law attorneys at Holstrom, Block & Parke are experienced with child custody matters involving special needs children. Whether you are the primary caregiver looking for help to meet your child’s needs, or the non-custodial parent trying to avoid overwhelming child support, we can help. Call us at (855) 747-6225 or send us an email.

What Are The Challenges Of Custody With A Special Needs Child?

There are several unique challenges that apply to a custody matter involving a special needs child. Each child’s special needs deserve special consideration when developing a parenting plan that is in that child’s best interests. While legal custody relates to a child’s education, healthcare, and decisions of that nature; a more detailed plan must be formed in order to account for any special education or services needed by your child.

Joint physical custody may be difficult for special needs children who thrive on routine. Picking them up and changing their environment every few days or weeks can sometimes do more damage than good. Many times, the parent who is not granted physical custody can be hit will extreme child support payments, since raising a child with special needs generally involves more costs than raising a “typical” child.

Our attorneys are familiar with all these issues. We can help make sure that all your child’s needs are met after divorce, from quality time with both parents, to making sure that financial needs are met. Call our Riverside office today at (855) 747-6225 or send us an email online.

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