A divorce may need post-decree modifications and updates

Post-Decree Modifications in Corona

Can I Update a Support or Custody Order?

As your life changes, your divorce decree may need to be updated to reflect those changes. A post-decree modification is an important legal solution that can help you avoid problems that come with missing payments or taking your visitation schedule into your own hands. More importantly, it can help you meet your obligations to your ex-spouse and children.

Courts understand that circumstances change and will generally change divorce orders as well, assuming a legitimate need exists and is properly presented to the court. Examples include a change in employment, a move to another city, a health problem, or changes in visitation patterns. These are just a few reasons to seek a modification of existing court orders.

Modifications are generally available for:

Pursuing a Modification

In order for a modification to be approved by the court, either party must show that a significant change in circumstances has made it difficult or impossible to meet the current obligations.

Some common reasons individuals may seek a post-decree modification include:

  • Change in location
  • Change in marital status/remarriage
  • Change in needs of the child
  • Change in the ability of a parent to provide care
  • Change in health of either parent or child
  • Change in the financial circumstances of either parent

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Whether you are a parent looking to modify your current custody or support arrangement, or you are looking to contest your co-parent’s petition, we can help. The laws in this area are very specific, so seeking knowledgeable legal advocacy is important. We can explain the modifications process and your legal options. At all times, we stay focused on what is most important—the needs and interests of you and your children.