Post-Decree Enforcement

Are your divorce orders are not being honored?

Post-Decree Enforcement of Divorce Orders

Corona Divorce & Family Lawyers

There are a number of reasons why divorce agreements may not be followed after a divorce is finalized. In some cases, an illness or the loss of a job may prevent someone from honoring their financial obligations. In other situations, hostilities between the former spouses may still be boiling. In any case, if the terms of your divorce orders are not being honored, talk to a lawyer about your rights and options. At Holstrom, Block & Parke, a Professional Law Corporation, our Corona divorce attorneys handle post-decree enforcement actions for clients throughout Southern California. Our practice includes the enforcement of spousal support agreements and of orders for custody, visitation, and child support.

Child Custody & Visitation Enforcement

Our attorneys aggressively represent parents whose child custody or visitation rights have been ignored or not honored by their co-parent. If necessary, we will even seek to have the courts involve law enforcement agencies in the process. Additionally, this may involve seeking a modification of custody and visitation orders, using the court’s contempt powers, or simply using the threat of these actions to compel your ex to comply.

Spousal & Child Support Enforcement

There are a different legal tools that can be used for post-decree enforcement of financial obligations. In representing you, we will seek to resolve the matter through negotiation or through a concisely-worded demand letter.

If neither work, here are a few methods we can use to obtain compliance:

  • Obtaining wage assignments (wage garnishments)
  • Placing levies on bank accounts and other financial assets
  • Instigating actions to suspend drivers’ licenses or professional licenses
  • Requesting the suspension of the individual’s passport