Best interests of the children vs. any harm that may result

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California Laws on Move-Aways

Are you a custodial parent who is seeking to move away to another state because of a new job opportunity? Are you a non-custodial parent who is worrying about the kind of role you’ll be able to have in your children’s lives if the court allows your former spouse to move from one side of Los Angeles to the other? Whatever your situation, an experienced attorney can advise you of your legal rights and options with regard to parental relocation.

In California, the custodial parent must obtain approval from the court before they can move with a minor child, and the non-custodial parent has the right to object. In these cases, the issue is often taken to the family court system for resolution. It is possible for a qualified Corona divorce attorney to help both parties reach an agreement. If not, you will be glad to have a litigator on your side, as the matter will likely go to court—where the final decision will be up to a judge.

The Process of Resolving a Move-Away Case

The judge uses a balancing test and weighs the best interests of the children against any harm that may result from parental relocation. Under this standard, even moving just 30 or 40 miles away in a metropolis like Los Angeles could be denied by the judge. Move away cases are often complex and costly. The use of psychological evaluations (called 730 Evaluations) is very common in order to determine how and if this move will affect the children.

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Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC works to resolve these matters through negotiation or mediation whenever possible, and we craft the kinds of solutions that family court judges have found acceptable in previous cases. However, if we are not able to accomplish this goal outside of court, we will be happy to litigate and vigorously represent your interests in court.