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California’s court system is far from perfect, especially relating to Family Law and cases involving Appeals. Many times, errors in family law cases involving divorce, domestic violence, complex property issues, child custody, support, and visitation can occur. You may be surprised to know that these situations happen more than people think, which can result in an unfair or incorrect judgment or order. If you think your case result was unjust or you received a negative verdict you may wish to file an appeal in your case, in order to get a better result in your family court matter.

Call the Southern California Law Firm of Holstrom, Block & Parke, a Professional Law Corporation, today. Our experienced San Diego appellate lawyers can provide the extensive litigation support you need to protect your interests and maximize the possibilities of obtaining a successful outcome. Our law firm has experience in appeals throughout Southern California, Northern California and in federal court (9th and 6th circuits).

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How Does the Appeals process work in California?

It is important to know that you have limited time to file an appeal in a family law matter. In order to protect your rights in your legal matter, it is vital to contact an Appellate Lawyer as soon as possible.

Sometimes, cases can be overturned. However, not all cases are subject to “appeal,” which is a technical term when the lower court’s ruling is not final yet and cannot be reviewed by the higher court until a later time. Not all family court judgments can be appealed. Only cases where there been some sort of legal error in the application of the law are able to be appealed or when there is not substantial evidence to justify the order made. Just because one of the parties is unhappy with the court’s ruling, does not make the case possible for an appeal. Atrocious abuses of the court’s discretion, mishandling of evidence, failures to make adequate findings of fact, or the failure of the court to hold a plenary hearing are a few examples in which an appeal may be granted or possible. Significant amount of research, preparation and analysis is involved in appellate cases, so it is important to have a skilled and experienced law firm to give you the best chances for a positive outcome in your family law appeal.

Some judgments or court orders are not appealable, but you can sometimes still request the appellate court review them.

Many times, especially when time is of the essence, an emergency “writ” can be filed with the appellate court, requesting immediate relief. We have experience in a broad range of writs both civil and family related, and we can help you determine if emergency writ relief would be appropriate for you.

Our experienced staff is fully qualified to handle all family-related appellate cases, including:

  • Family law appeals
  • Child custody appeals
  • Visitation appeals
  • Spousal support appeals
  • Property distribution appeals
  • Child support appeals
  • Civil appeals
  • Emergency writs

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Whether you are defending your court victory or feel that your case was not properly handled, you need someone on your side who has an in-depth understanding of appellate law to have a chance of a successful appeal. At Holstrom, Block & Parke, a Professional Law Corporation, we understand the impact that a court’s ruling can have on your family’s future and happiness. With relentless professionalism and dedication to your case, our San Diego family law attorneys are ready to work for you in order to get you the best results possible in your legal matter.