Post Decree Enforcement

Disputes may linger when a court order is not followed

Post-Decree Enforcement

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After all the hours of negotiation and litigation, ex-spouses are legally bound to follow the rules and responsibilities set forth by the divorce decree. Sometimes they do not cooperate. In scenarios where an ex-spouse refuses to comply with the terms of the divorce agreement, you want an experienced family law attorney that knows how to fight on your behalf.

Our family law attorneys at Holstrom, Block & Parke understand the frustrations that arise from non-compliance on the part of your ex-spouse. We know when it is in your best interest to pursue enforcement of your divorce settlement through the courts.

When to Enforce Family Law Orders

When negotiation and mediation fail to deliver the outcome you deserve by law, our experienced family lawyers know how to navigate post-decree enforcement through the courts.

  • Child custody and visitation – If your ex-spouse refuses your visitation rights or fails to comply with rules spelled out in your parenting plan, we can help resolve this through mediation and negotiation. In severe cases, we might ask the court and law enforcement to intervene.
  • Payment of child support or spousal support – Support delinquency is a stressful and challenging matter to pursue, but we know which avenues achieve the best outcome for you. Whether that means writing a demand letter, seeking wage garnishment and other levies, or suspending a driver’s license, we know how to fight for what is yours.
  • Support modification – If changing circumstances affect your economic or financial situation, or if the needs of a child require a temporary modification, it becomes necessary to amend your support agreement accordingly. We can help.
  • Property division – If your ex-spouse does not cooperate with the divorce agreement in regards to property division, you can pursue listing and selling the family home using a court appointed agent.

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