Premarital Agreements

Fully protect your interests with a prenuptial agreement

Premarital Agreement Lawyer in San Diego

A premarital agreement is a way to acknowledge the financial and legal truths in the vows that spouses make to each other on their wedding day. It might seem unromantic at first, but creating a prenuptial agreement is shown to actually strengthen a relationship heading into a marriage. Making a prenup provides an opportunity for open and honest discussion about a couple’s financial future. Since money is a leading cause of relationship stress, knowing how to communicate about financial issues is critical to the success of a marriage.

What Does a Premarital Agreement Usually Look Like?

The contents of a California prenuptial agreement vary by couple, but broadly speaking, you document what each party is bringing into the marriage in terms of financials—money, debts, property, business ownership, and other notable assets. You also may address details related to financial decisions and parenting. Sometimes a prenup contains matters that are also addressed in estate planning, and contains provisions about property division, debt obligations, and spousal support in the event that the marriage ends in divorce.

The common aspect found in all prenuptial agreements is that they must abide with laws specified in the California Family Code. Apart from that, a premarital agreement in California is created to fit the unique situation of each couple.

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Should You Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

Think of a premarital agreement the same way as they would an insurance policy. Creating a prenup offers protection that you hope you never need, but is certainly useful if problems do arise. It is a sensible, responsible and logical way to rest assured about your financial future.

When putting together a comprehensive premarital agreement that fits your unique needs and situation, you will benefit from having an experienced prenuptial attorney navigating the process with you every step of the way. Our San Diego premarital lawyers at Holstrom, Block & Parke specialize in working with couples who are preparing for marriage with their best future in mind.

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