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I have heard so many times that after a divorce the parent’s getting along just fine. But there are times where the children themselves cannot get along with their parents.

Children of any age may feel angry when their parents are no longer living together. They are uncertain of what the future holds for them, making the situation stressful and confusing.

It is up to you, as the parent, to make the transition less painful for your children. Helping your children cope with your divorce means being understanding and supportive and attending to their needs with a reassuring and positive attitude.

I know that you are in uncharted territory, but you can help your children to feel loved, confident and strong. Here are a few tips to help your children adjust:

  • Keep your patience
  • Have a listening ear open at all times
  • Provide your children with routines they can depend on
  • Make sure they know that divorce was not their fault
  • Remind them that they can always count on you for stability, care, and structure
  • Try to maintain a cooperative and communicative relationship with your ex
  • Make your children your number one priority

Children go through a range of emotions during the divorce process. Their biggest source of anxiety is the fact that their parents will no longer be together and will no longer be a part of their day-today activities. Pay attention to any changes in your child’s behavior, such as anger or depression.

The practice of family law entails more than just an attorney advising a client about their rights.

If you are going through a divorce and your children are having problems coping with it, contact Holstrom, Block & Parke family law office located in Orange County for the help you need.

Because family issues involve highly emotional and personal situations, we can help you and your children get through what could be the most stressful experience of your lives.

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