Property Division

All community property must be distributed in a way that is fair and equal

Property Division Attorney in Corona

Understanding Property Division in California

In a divorce, all community property must be distributed in a way that is fair and equal. This is an in-depth and complicated process that requires diligence and efficiency. California property division is a three-step process.

The court characterizes, assesses the value, and divides marital property according to these three basic factors:

  • Characterizes or categorizes – Determines if the property is considered separate, community, or quasi-marital.
  • Value assessments – Property is given a monetary value either via appraisals or agreement (of the parties)
  • Divides – After the property is characterized and valued, the court equally divides the property.

The process is as fair as possible using these factors to determine who gets what and how much. However, if something presented in court is overlooked, misinterpreted, or the legal basis in fact is not followed, a party to the property distribution process may choose to appeal the court’s decision.

The Ever-Changing World of Law

Laws are amended, created, or updated often; sometimes daily.

That factor alone should make you realize the importance of hiring an attorney to help you with property distribution matters. Your attorney will help you keep your emotions under control and be the unbiased party with the cool head that will help you through the process. They can stand by your side as your advocate throughout mediation and trial.