Dividing Retirement Funds

Retirement accounts must be valued and divided fairly

Dividing Retirement Funds

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In family courts, community property is divided between the spouses 50/50. Your pension benefits, 401k, IRA, and any other kind of retirement accounts acquired during marriage are considered marital property upon divorce; therefore, they must be valued and divided fairly. This will be determined by the court. While this seems like a clear issue, it is not exactly. Not all retirement assets are part of the marital property. If you acquired a plan or account before your marriage took place, these may be excluded from division. Also excluded are any inheritances you may have received.

What Is the Process for Dividing Retirement?

After it is determined how the retirement assets will be divided, there are certain steps that need to be taken. 401(k) and other similar plans must stick to federal guidelines. This requires a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). A QDRO is a special court order that allows retirement plan companies to divide certain benefits. They are required when dividing pension plans, profit-sharing plans, and 401ks and are considered to be a highly technical area of the law.

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